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Donald Trump slams New York Times ‘phony story’ that he doubts Mike Pence loyalty

President Trump on Saturday knocked down a New York Times report that he was questioning the loyalty of Vice President Mike Pence. “He is 100 percent loyal,” said Mr. Trump, calling the report “a typical New York Times phony story.” He [...]

Donald Trump: Mueller investigation is ‘a total mess’

President Trump railed against the special counsel probe Thursday morning, accusing officials working on the investigation of berating witnesses without evidence. “The inner workings of the Mueller investigation are a total mess. They have [...]

Andrew Gillum says Donald Trump, Rick Scott election fraud claims undermine democracy

Florida’s Democratic gubernatorial candidate says claims of electoral fraud without evidence by President Donald Trump and Florida Gov. Rick Scott were sowing seeds that could undermine confidence in the democratic process. Tallahassee Mayor [...]

Donald Trump: Florida ballots are ‘massively infected,’ must use results from election night

President Trump said Florida ballots are “massively infected” as a statewide recount is underway Monday. “The Florida Election should be called in favor of Rick Scott and Ron DeSantis in that large numbers of new ballots showed up out [...]

Jim Acosta video ‘wasn’t doctored,’ Donald Trump says

NEW YORK — Before hopping on a plane to Paris on Friday, President Trump insulted some more reporters, threatened that others may have their White House credentials pulled like CNN’s Jim Acosta and disputed reports that his press secretary [...]

Nancy Pelosi, Donald Trump talk of bipartisan deals

President Trump and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi insisted Wednesday that they can find areas of cooperation on infrastructure spending and health care, vowing to play nice just one day after voters split control of Washington between the two [...]

Donald Trump regrets angry rhetoric of White House tenure

In a rare self-critique, President Trump says he regrets the harsh tone he struck during his first two years in office. “I would like to have a much softer tone. I feel to a certain extent I have no choice, but maybe I do,” the president [...]

Donald Trump slams legacy of ‘Barack H. Obama’ on campaign trail

President Trump condemned the legacy of former President Barack Obama Friday night with one withering blast at a campaign rally in Indiana. Campaigning for Republican Senate candidate Mike Braun, Mr. Trump noted that Mr. Obama will be stumping [...]

Donald Trump Jr. rips media over Kyrsten Sinema coverage

SUN CITY, Ariz. — U.S. Senate candidate Martha McSally campaigned with Donald Trump Jr. in a Republican stronghold in metro Phoenix. Her Democratic opponent, Kyrsten Sinema, rallied supporters at a phone bank in Phoenix. Thursday’s events [...]

Republicans bring in their Senate closer: Donald Trump

Missouri Republican nominee Josh Hawley has attempted to make his Senate race a referendum on Sen. Claire McCaskill’s status as a Democrat in a Trump state. | Charlie Riedel/AP Photo Elections The president is rallying in a half-dozen [...]