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Donald Trump points to new migrant caravan in border wall demand

President Trump demanded Tuesday that Democrats “stop playing political games” and pointed to a new migrant caravan to stress the need he sees for a border wall. “A big new Caravan is heading up to our Southern Border from Honduras,” [...]

Donald Trump pins blame on Dems: ‘Nancy and Cryin’ Chuck can end the Shutdown in 15 minutes’

President Trump on Monday accused Democrats of being AWOL from shutdown negotiations, as the government remained shuttered for the 24th day. The president said he was still waiting for a counteroffer from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate [...]

Donald Trump slams ‘corrupt’ former FBI officials for opening spy probe of him

President Trump blasted former FBI leaders Saturday over a report that the agency launched an investigation of the president to determine if he was a Russian asset after he fired FBI Director James B. Comey in 2017. “Wow, just learned in [...]

Donald Trump says no national emergency declaration for now

President Trump said Friday he’s holding off — for now — on declaring a national emergency at the southern border. “I’m not going to do it so fast,” Mr. Trump told reporters at the White House. “We want Congress to do its job.” He [...]

Donald Trump rebuffs Dems’ border security plan: ‘They don’t come in through checkpoints’

President Trump on Wednesday waved off Democrats’ claims of support for more security measures at border ports of entry, saying illegal immigrants and criminals mostly enter through long stretches of wilderness on the U.S.-Mexico border. “They [...]

Voters blame Donald Trump for partial government shutdown: Polls

Voters hold President Trump responsible for the ongoing partial government shutdown, according to two new polls released this week. As the partial shutdown stretches into its third week, Mr. Trump is taking the brunt of the blame. More than [...]

Michael Cohen Prague story linking Donald Trump, Russia resurfaces

Hillary Clinton’s election-year opposition research team pushed the infamous Prague-Russia-Trump story before and after it first emerged in the 2016 dossier by Christopher Steele. Two years later, the Prague tale has risen again, this time [...]

Why Guys Like Mitt Romney Don’t Scare Donald Trump

*/ ]]> He has tried to be reasonable, tried to be patient. But Mitt Romney, with an earnest sigh, says he’s arrived reluctantly at a moment of unavoidable judgment: Donald Trump has bad character. Disrespectful. Divisive. Erratic. Yuck. Story [...]

Donald Trump blames Democrats for deaths of migrant children at border

President Trump blamed congressional Democrats Saturday for the deaths of migrant children at the border, saying liberals’ “pathetic” immigration policies have encouraged foreign families to attempt the dangerous journey. “Any deaths [...]

Donald Trump praises troops: ‘People that know how to win!’

President Trump gave a shoutout to the troops Thursday shortly after returning from a surprise visit to a U.S. military base in Iraq. “Just returned from visiting our troops in Iraq and Germany. One thing is certain, we have incredible people [...]