07142020What's Hot:

Hillary Clinton: Donald Trump might not ‘go quietly’ if he loses the election

Hillary Clinton on Monday said the U.S. needs to be prepared for President Trump not to “go quietly” if he loses the fall election. “Well, I think it is a fair point to raise as to whether or not, if he loses, he’s going to go [...]

Donald Trump, Jr.’s arrest record for “public intoxication” is now public

Donald Trump, Jr., the outspoken son of President Donald Trump, was arrested on February 25, 2001 in New Orleans on a charge of “public intoxication.” To my knowledge, the arrest records have never been made public. Until now. It was 6:15am [...]

Donald Trump commutes ‘unjust’ sentence of friend Roger Stone days before prison term to begin

President Trump commuted the prison sentence of longtime friend Roger Stone on Friday night, days before Stone was to report to federal prison to serve a sentence for lying to Congress and obstruction of justice. The president said Stone’s [...]

Goya boycott: Robert Unanue praises Donald Trump, infuriates Hispanics

The CEO of Goya Foods praised President Trump on Thursday — and the backlash from his products’ customer base was swift. Such prominent Hispanics as Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Julian Castro, chef Jose Andres and CNN commentator [...]

Justin Trudeau declines Donald Trump White House invitation

TORONTO — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has turned down a White House invitation to celebrate the new regional free trade agreement in Washington with U.S President Donald Trump and Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador. Trump [...]

How Donald Trump Has Redefined Watergate

*/ ]]> Watergate has long been told as a story of American exceptionalism. The system of checks and balances and public oversight worked. The Constitution triumphed over leaders who abused their power. The word “Watergate” [...]

Donald Trump reelection doubts have Republicans ‘rattled’

Democrat Joseph R. Biden holds a roughly 10-point lead in national polls four months before Election Day, and President Trump’s base is increasingly worried. Coronavirus cases are surging again in many states, racial tensions have roiled [...]

Donald Trump’s shrinking electoral map

*/ ]]> Donald Trump’s campaign once spoke of expanding his electoral map into blue-leaning territory like Minnesota, Nevada, New Mexico and New Hampshire. Now, winning at least a handful of those states has become a matter of survival. Advertisement States [...]

Raul Ruiz, Dem congressman and physician, urges Donald Trump to wear a mask

Rep. Raul Ruiz, a physician, on Thursday issued a direct message to President Trump to “man up” and wear a mask as the U.S. sees a new surge in COVID-19 cases across the country. The California Democrat’s comments come as the U.S. [...]

Joe Biden, DNC outraise Donald Trump and RNC in June

Former Vice President Joseph R. Biden and the Democratic National Committee raised $ 141 million in June, marking the second month in a row that they have outpaced President Trump and the Republican National Committee. Mr. Trump and [...]