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Top Democrat on Senate Intelligence Committee says Russian election attacks were “much broader” than NSA document shows

The most powerful Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee said on Tuesday that the Russian hacking effort during the 2016 presidential election was worse than even the top-secret document leaked from the National Security Agency suggests. A [...]

Hong Kong Journal: Using Stealth, and Drones, to Document a Fading Hong Kong

“I guess we’re indirectly political,” Ghost said, as Echo Delta’s drone buzzed above North Point. After filming the State Theater, whose structural supports soar above its roof in concrete parabolas like those of a suspension [...]

Donald Trump on alleged Russia document: ‘Are we living in Nazi Germany?’

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President-elect Donald Trump on Wednesday forcefully pushed back on reports of an unverified intelligence document containing allegations that Russians had compromising personal and financial information on him. “Intelligence agencies should [...]