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A Last Holdout on Divorce, Philippines Tiptoes Toward Legalization

“I want to pull my hair out,” Ms. Visbal said of the legal entanglements that keep her tied to a marriage that has ended in every sense except in the eyes of the state. A move to allow full divorces for the first time in the Philippines [...]

GOP congressman pulls Issa into ugly divorce

Rep. Darrell Issa was a groomsman in Rep. Mike Turner’s wedding to Majida Mourad in December 2015. Now, Turner is locked in a contentious divorce with Mourad — and he wants Issa deposed by his attorneys. Turner (R-Ohio) approached [...]

Domestic Violence Still Not Grounds For Divorce In Mississippi

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A Republican lawmaker said a bill allowing domestic violence as a legal reason for divorce would open “the floodgates to more divorces.” Mississippi State Representative Andy Gipson (R). A bill that would have added domestic violence to [...]