02222019What's Hot:

Yemen Dispatch: For Yemen Child Soldiers, a Refuge Mixes Play With Saudi Propaganda

MARIB, Yemen — A display on one side of the doorway holds children’s drawings of violence and gore: red scribbles of blood on pencil sketches of bombs, bullets and bodies; a machine gun firing across a stone wall into a tent; a [...]

Montreal Dispatch: Culture Shock for French in Quebec: ‘We Smoke Cigarettes, They Smoke Pot’

MONTREAL — “They make rents go up and steal our women.” They “travel in packs of 10 and complain all the time.” “There are too many French people on the Plateau.” These are some of the lyrics of a song written by Fred [...]

India Dispatch: ‘The Pirate Days Are Over’: Goa’s Nude Hippies Give Way to India’s Yuppies

GOA — Elisabeth Ramnacher, a German who prefers to go by the name Yogini, wanted to show her employees what Goa used to look like back in its hippie days. The only trouble was, she couldn’t find a picture of herself with clothes [...]

Kabul Dispatch: A Shotgun Under Her Bed, This Afghan Maverick Wants No Peace With Taliban

KABUL, Afghanistan — The driver of a car that was stopped in the middle of the road, blocking traffic, was shocked when a passing motorist rolled down the window and shouted at him: “Dirty donkey.” He was even more surprised when [...]

France Dispatch: As Migrant Routes Shift, a French Mayor Offers Shelter

BAYONNE, France — The government in Paris disapproves. But the local mayor doesn’t care. He says he will continue sheltering the Africans crossing the Spanish border into France. For Jean-René Etchegaray, mayor of Bayonne, a quiet [...]

Iran Dispatch: The Iranian Revolution at 40: From Theocracy to ‘Normality’

In February of 1979, Tehran was in chaos. A cancer-stricken Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, the Western-backed autocrat, had gone into exile in mid-January, leaving behind a rickety regency council. On Feb. 1, Grand Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, [...]

Russia Dispatch: A Sparkling Shrine to a Reviled Russian Leader

YEKATERINBURG, Russia — President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia has reviled those years as a period of chaos, crime and “total poverty” that “nobody wants to ever see return.” Kremlin-controlled news media outlets regularly [...]

Germany Dispatch: Impose a Speed Limit on the Autobahn? Not So Fast, Many Germans Say

“It’s a very emotional topic,” confided Stefan Gerwens, the head of transport and mobility at ADAC, an automobile club with 20 million members, which is opposed to any speed limit. So emotional, apparently, that facts and figures [...]

Tehran Dispatch: More Bark Than Bite in Iran’s Ban on Walking Dogs

Still, dog owners need to learn some things, said Damoon Ansari, a veterinarian at the Paytakht Pet Clinic in Tehran’s Shahrak-e Gharb neighborhood. “We need to educate dog-owners,” he said. “They should have rights, but also [...]

Bangkok Dispatch: Bangkok, Draped in Flowers but Smothered by Pollution, Suffers

BANGKOK — The monsoons are no longer lashing Bangkok, in that soggy season when my sons sometimes have to wade through waist-high floods to get to soccer practice. So why did I get soaked last week, as I walked along a major avenue [...]