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Fuck Yes, We’ll Read Hope Hicks’s Diary
Embed from Getty Images HEY GUYS, MORE BREAKING ROBERT MUELLER NEWS, and it is that he is asking witnesses whether Jared Kushner’s gross foreign business dealings have turned him into a compromised slut in the Russia [...]
Reporters Better Stop Trying To Look At Sean Spicer’s Secret Russia Diary OR HE WILL TELL!
Sean Spicer is apparently very well known for keeping very good notes. His colleagues at the RNC say he was never without a little black book with the party’s symbol emblazoned on it. According to Axios reporter Mike Allen, Spicer’s secret [...]

Damascus Diary: A City Filled With Life, and Hints of Brutal Death

Downtown Damascus feels busy and alive, with people boarding vans and buses to get to work as in any other city. But the heavy traffic is partly a result of the security checkpoints that have proliferated. We were forbidden to [...]