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Patriots’ Devin McCourty, Jason McCourty won’t visit Trump White House

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. — New England Patriots defensive back Devin McCourty said Monday he won’t go to the White House if the Super Bowl champions are invited by President Donald Trump, and teammate and twin brother Jason said he highly doubts [...]
What Time Will Devin Nunes Jizz Classified Intel All Over Fox News Today?
Today is the day, everyone! Devin Nunes is getting everything he ever wanted (that doesn’t involve wild romantic nights with dairy cows, allegedly), because he gets to go to a briefing and learn sexxxy secrets about the inception of the [...]
Stop Devin Nunes
One of the most effective, and dangerous, Trump allies is House Intelligence Chair Devin Nunes. Nunes, for reasons unknown, has put his career on the line — and our safety — in order to derail the Mueller investigation and save Donald Trump, [...]
A Post About Devin Nunes By A Guy Who’s Seen Seven Episodes Of ‘The Americans’
Everybody is distracted by the Michael Cohen outrage and the Trump pulling out of the Iran deal outrage and all the other outrages, but we need to (briefly) talk about Devin Nunes. Because while all those outrages are going on, Devin Fucking [...]
No, We Are Not Reading Devin Nunes’s Stupid Ass House Intel Russia Report, Thanks For Asking
fuck off Oh, dear readers, were you thinking you were going to get a liveblog of the House Intelligence Committee’s report on Russian interference in the 2016 election? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, YOU JUST GO EAT SHIT RIGHT NOW, OK? We have no [...]
It All Started With A Dairy Cow Named ‘Gem’: A Brief History Of Devin Nunes Being Stupid His Entire Life
This is not Gem. OR IS IT? There is no shortage of articles on Wonkette chronicling the many stupidities of Congressman Devin Nunes, GOP chair of the House “Intelligence” Committee, the man who never gets invited to bring the potato salad [...]
Midterm Madness: Devin Nunes Is Treading Water In California’s 22nd.
This week we’re headed to California’s 22nd District to pay a visit to the winner of Wonkette’s 2017 Legislative Shitmuffin award, Devin Nunes. One of the most important things to understand about California is that it’s big. Really [...]
Not Sure How To Say This, But Devin Nunes Is Stupider Than We Thought
this fucker right here Guys. We think you need to sit down for this one. Devin Nunes, Donald Trump’s slow-witted pool boy, is dumber than we thought. Yes, we thought he had hit rock bottom when he released that hilariously stupid memo, the [...]
Devin Nunes Too Upset About Stephen Colbert To Even Fuck A Cow Right Now :(
sad face Devin 🙁 House Intelligence Committee Chair Devin Nunes has a #sad right now, the kind of pain he usually only feels when his sexxxiest dairy cow Nadine moos at him like “NEW PHONE WHO DIS.” (Allegedly! We are not actually saying [...]
Devin Nunes, Cow Detective, Knows *Australia* Was The Collusion!
Time for a milkin’! Devin Nunes is clearly just letting the cows write his memos now. But many slow claps for The Hill, which happily got down on the floor to roll around in this fresh pile of manure. Excellent journalism, John Solomon! Devin! [...]