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Acquittal in Irish Rugby Rape Case Deepens Debate on Sexual Consent

The Ulster case began when a 19-year-old woman said she was raped in June 2016 at a party at Mr. Jackson’s home. In a text to a friend a day after the house party, she appeared intimidated by the prospect of facing down the men she [...]

Ryan deepens House GOP’s 2018 woes

House Speaker Paul Ryan’s retirement has rocked the House landscape, shaking the foundation on which Republicans hoped to mount the defense of their 23-seat majority this fall. For the past year, GOP strategists have cited three [...]

Trump’s VA pick blindsides staff, deepens agency disarray

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The timing of President Donald Trump’s announcement to name Rear Admiral Ronny Jackson to lead Veterans Affairs was a snap decision that surprised his own chief of staff and knocked the government’s second-largest agency, already bedeviled [...]

Presidential Ally Is Arrested, and Mexico Corruption Investigation Deepens

4 months ago | 0 comment
Mr. Gutiérrez is being investigated in connection with what former state officials call a nationwide plan to funnel tens of millions of dollars in public money to help the party’s candidates in gubernatorial elections in 2016. The [...]

Pence pleads ignorance as Russia probe deepens

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As the White House contends with questions about who knew about former national security adviser Michael Flynn lying to the FBI, people close to Vice President Mike Pence are trying to make clear that President Donald Trump’s [...]

Time away from Washington deepens GOP misgivings about health plan

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Sen. Shelley Moore Capito has warmed to the prospect of working with Democrats to fix the ACA if the GOP’s repeal push fails. | AP Photo Corralling [...]

Trump’s obsession over Russia probe deepens

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President Donald Trump has been aggressively working the phones since returning this weekend from his foreign trip, talking to friends and outside lawyers as he obsesses over the deepening investigations into his aides and Russia. Two White [...]