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Live Briefing: Theresa May’s Brexit Deal Is Rejected by U.K. Parliament

• With Britain in political crisis and a new deadline to leave the European Union two weeks away, Parliament on Friday rejected, by a vote of 334 to 286, Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit plan for a third time. • Lawmakers voted [...]

House conservatives’ 13-page takedown of Green New Deal

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal runs 14 pages long. The Republican Study Committee is countering with a 13-page takedown. The RSC, the caucus of conservatives in the U.S. House, has produced a background briefing document cataloguing [...]

Live Briefing: Brexit Live Updates: U.K. Parliament Rejects Theresa May’s Deal

• With Britain in political crisis and a new deadline to leave the European Union two weeks away, Parliament rejected Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit plan for a third time on Friday. • Lawmakers voted down the 585-page withdrawal [...]

Theresa May Put Her Head on the Block for Her Brexit Deal. It Might Not Be Enough.

LONDON — One thing that we have learned about Prime Minister Theresa May over the last two years: She does not give up. Even when her task seems impossible, when she fails on the most public stage imaginable, when she is sick, and [...]

From ‘No Problem’ to No Deal: How Brexit Supporters Embraced the Cliff Edge

Only as the negotiations reached their end point in Mrs. May’s withdrawal agreement, though, did the notion of a no-deal exit begin to gain currency as a positive outcome. Ms. Stuart said she came to the point reluctantly, out of disappointment [...]

Lion Air Crash Families Say They Were Pressured to Sign No-Suit Deal

JAKARTA, Indonesia — The families were still mourning relatives lost in the crash of Lion Air Flight 610 in Indonesia when they were crammed into a hotel conference room a few weeks after the crash. Sign this form, they were told [...]

‘He’s the real deal’: Beto’s jaw-dropping windfall quiets critics

Beto O’Rourke announced Monday that in the first 24 hours of his presidential campaign, he had raised a staggering $ 6.1 million. | Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images 2020 Elections ‘Six million bucks overnight is impressive and anyone [...]

Green New Deal is still ‘in formation,’ progressive leaders say

The Green New Deal is still a work in progress, top progressive Democrats said Tuesday, after a leading labor union ripped the iconic proposal as unrealistic. Reps. Mark Pocan and Pramilla Jayapal, co-chairs of the Congressional Progressive [...]

The bogus number at the center of the GOP’s Green New Deal attacks

Republicans have said that the Green New Deal would cost $ 93 trillion — more than enough money to “buy every American a Ferrari,” according to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. | Somodevilla/Getty Images Energy & Environment Republicans’ [...]

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez anti-burger narrative imperils Green New Deal

When Rep. Rob Bishop wanted to signal his opposition to the Green New Deal, he did it by sinking his teeth into a juicy cheeseburger from the Good Stuff Eatery. “If this goes through, this will be outlawed. I could no longer eat this type [...]