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Philippines Dispatch: A Family Craft With a Deadly Toll: Illegal Gun Making

DANAO, Philippines — In the remote, mist-covered slopes outside the city of Danao in the central Philippines sits the illegal, makeshift workshop of a master gun maker. Accessible only by foot on a steep, winding pathway camouflaged [...]

After a Deadly Ferry Accident, a Grim Vigil at an Iraqi Morgue

MOSUL, Iraq — The drawn men waited silently outside the morgue on Saturday for the scream of an approaching ambulance carrying another victim of the devastating raft accident on the Tigris River this past week. “I am looking for [...]

At Venezuela’s Border, a Strange and Deadly Showdown Over Aid

CÚCUTA, Colombia — The political showdown over the delivery of aid to Venezuela turned deadly Friday when its security forces fired on protesters near the country’s Brazilian border, killing two and wounding a dozen in a confrontation [...]

Zimbabwe’s president skips 1st rally since deadly unrest

MT. DARWIN, Zimbabwe (AP) – A spokesman says Zimbabwe’s president has skipped his first political rally since last month’s deadly military crackdown on protests so he could explain the unrest to fellow African leaders. President Emmerson [...]

2 men get life for deadly drive-by shooting of disc jockey

WILKES-BARRE, Pa. (AP) – Two men convicted in the deadly drive-by shooting of a popular disc jockey outside a northeastern Pennsylvania bar have been sentenced to life in prison without the chance for parole. Roberto Battle, a 29-year-old [...]

Deadly Mexico Pipeline Disaster Poses Major Test for New President

MEXICO CITY — Word spread quickly: free gasoline. It was spewing from a pipeline, through a hole punched by fuel thieves. People — as many as 900, by some estimates — flocked to the rupture, many carrying containers to fill. But [...]

After Deadly Assault on Afghan Base, Taliban Sit for Talks With U.S. Diplomats

KABUL, Afghanistan — The Taliban infiltrated an Afghan intelligence base on Monday, killing dozens who worked for the agency in what officials said was one of the deadliest attacks against the intelligence service in the 17-year war with [...]

Shabab Claim Responsibility for Deadly Assault on Nairobi Hotel-Office Complex

Assailants identified as Shabab militants attacked a Nairobi luxury hotel and office complex on Tuesday, spreading death and panic as the police in Kenya’s capital evacuated civilians and sealed off the area. At least one person was [...]

Poland Cracks Down on Escape Rooms After Diversion Turns Deadly

WARSAW — It was supposed to be fun, but in the end, there was no escape. When a fire broke out in a squat, two-story concrete building in northwestern Poland, five 15-year-old girls died, trapped in a tiny windowless room no bigger [...]

Israeli Teenagers Are Suspected in Deadly Stoning of a Palestinian Woman

JERUSALEM — Several Jewish teenagers have been arrested in connection with the fatal stoning of a Palestinian woman in the West Bank, Israel’s internal security agency said on Sunday. The agency, the Shin Bet, said in a statement [...]