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Tears From Ayatollah as Iran Mourns Dead General: Live Updates

Iran’s supreme leader sheds tears for slain general. Ayatollah Ali Khamenei wept and offered prayers over the coffin of Maj. Gen. Qassim Suleimani at the funeral in Tehran on Monday, as throngs of people filled the city’s streets [...]

Iranians Honor Dead Protesters, Amid Vows to Fight On

Forty days after the first protesters were killed in Iran’s worst unrest in decades, Iranians took their grievances against the government to cemeteries on Thursday, marking both the end of the traditional mourning period and their [...]

Marc Short says State of the Union invite proves impeachment is dead

The chief of staff for Vice President Mike Pence said Sunday that the invitation President Trump received to give the State of the Union address in February is proof Democrats know that the impeachment case is going nowhere. In an interview [...]

At Least 5 Dead as Volcano Erupts on New Zealand Island

Dozens of tourists were trapped when a volcano erupted without warning on a popular island destination off the eastern coast of New Zealand on Monday. Among them were about a dozen people who were seen on a webcam exploring the upper [...]

At Least 43 Dead in New Delhi Building Fire

NEW DELHI — At least 43 people were killed Sunday morning when a major fire broke out in a cramped, commercial neighborhood in New Delhi, officials said. The blaze occurred around 5:30 a.m. in a multistory building used for manufacturing [...]

Mexico National Palace shooting leaves 4 dead near Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador residence

MEXICO CITY — Four people were shot to death in the Mexican capital, just steps from an entrance to the official residence of the president, authorities said. Officials said a man entered an apartment building Saturday near the National Palace [...]

58 migrants dead after boat capsizes off Mauritania

DAKAR, Senegal (AP) – Scores of migrants who swam through rough Atlantic Ocean waters to safety from a capsized boat while 58 others drowned were receiving care Thursday in Mauritania after one of the deadliest disasters this year among [...]

Civil rights activist the Rev. Clay Evans dead at age 94

CHICAGO (AP) – Prominent Chicago minister and gospel music singer the Rev. Clay Evans, a civil rights activist who embraced Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. when he expanded his movement out the south, is dead at age 94. Evans’ death was [...]

Iran’s ‘Iron Fist’: Rights Group Says More Than 100 Protesters Are Dead

Protests against the Iranian government erupted for a fifth day across the country on Tuesday, as the authorities scrambled to crush the unrest and reports emerged of mounting injuries and deaths. The rights group Amnesty International said [...]

The City That Cycles With the Young, the Old, the Busy and the Dead

COPENHAGEN — By the standards operative on most of planet Earth, this is not an especially wonderful day for a bicycle ride. The temperature reads 42 degrees Fahrenheit, and a vengeful breeze forces damp chill to the bone. Sullen [...]