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Presidential historian Gil Troy: Donald Trump has committed “a crime against the American people”

Donald Trump is president of the United States by title and law. He is not president of all Americans. Trump cares only about his voters and the most enthusiastic part of his “base.” He is a political cult leader. Nothing [...]

U.K. Knife Crime Rises, but Is Austerity the Reason?

LONDON — Two recent, high-profile stabbing deaths have reignited a debate in Britain over whether a nationwide decline in the number of police officers is behind an alarming increase in knifings. The clash has divided the Conservative [...]

Shutdown Day 26: Trump dubs Democrats ‘party of open border and crime’

President Trump on Wednesday slammed what he called “Radical Democrats” for refusing to negotiate on border security as the partial government shutdown entered its 26th day. “It is becoming more and more obvious that the Radical Democrats [...]

In Chaotic Afghan Capital, Crackdown on Crime Is Turning Heads

KABUL, Afghanistan — Even when Afghanistan’s capital, Kabul, is not attacked by suicide bombers, it is often gripped by gun-toting crime syndicates that receive protection from the country’s elite. If the national government cannot [...]

Wildlife crime pays for poachers, traffickers

A Florida rattlesnake rustler facing five years in prison for illegally trafficking protected snakes told a former business associate that they could get off easy if they handled matters right, according to recordings by federal agents. The [...]

Senate leader assigns hate crime bills to panel he controls

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) – A top Statehouse Republican is using a parliamentary maneuver to bottle up hate crimes legislation, dealing a potential setback to those wanting Indiana off a list of just five states that have not adopted such a law. Senate [...]

Indiana governor says passing hate crime law ‘long overdue’

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) – The spray-painting of a swastika outside a suburban Indianapolis synagogue this summer was the final straw for Republican Gov. Eric Holcomb, who quickly called for Indiana to join the 45 states that have hate crime [...]

Guest Marcy Wheeler on the Trump crime syndicate

Home News Guest Marcy Wheeler on the Trump crime syndicate Investigative journalist Marcy Wheeler joins us on today’s episode of the UnPresidented podcast for a deep-dive look at the various investigations of Trump’s crimes, who in Trump’s [...]

A look at guns sold by police that ended up at crime scenes

SEATTLE (AP) – A yearlong Associated Press analysis found more than a dozen firearms sold by law enforcement agencies in Washington state since 2010 later became evidence in new criminal investigations. Identifying guns sold by law enforcement [...]

The Case of the Purloined Poultry: How ISIS Prosecuted Petty Crime

[unable to retrieve full-text content] Hundreds of records left behind by the Islamic State reveal how the group won points with the populace by resolving minor disputes. Source: NYT > World