02222019What's Hot:

Selling Real Estate in Russia? Are You Crazy?

MOSCOW — Elena Y. Kotova’s one-room apartment on the outskirts of Moscow had started to feel cramped. Her son was almost 4 years old. She and her husband had solid jobs, she as an economist and he as a manager of a construction [...]

Trump May Not Be Crazy, But the Rest of Us Are Getting There Fast

*/ ]]> CNN before love-making is not his idea of a turn-on. But she can hardly turn it off—engrossed as she is in the latest unnerving gyrations of Washington. Story Continued Below Who else to blame but Donald Trump? A president who excites [...]

‘It will make him crazy’: Anonymous anti-Trump screed backfires

“It kind of reinforces [Trump’s] message out there that there’s a bunch of folks here embedded in the Washington bureaucracy that are out to get him,” Sen. John Thune (R-S.D.) said of the anonymous op-ed from a senior Trump [...]

Singapore Says ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ Author Skipped Military Service

HONG KONG — The author of “Crazy Rich Asians,” the best-selling novel on which the new hit film is based, never fulfilled his national service obligations in Singapore and could face a fine or potential prison term, the country’s [...]
Rudy Giuliani Just Admitted To Public Corruption, And That Wasn’t The Crazy Part
Can someone stick a schwarma in Rudy Giuliani’s face until he comes home from Israel? It’s bad enough he spends all day spouting lunatic nonsense in the US media, but now he’s hoisting that freak flag sky-high at a business conference [...]
Trump Said Some Crazy Offensive Shit Saturday Night. Real Americans Loooooved It.
Sounds better in the original German Saturday night, in Washington Township, Michigan, Trump gathered together the faithful for a revival of sorts. In an unscripted monologue lasting some 75 minutes, the master speaker led the crowd of forgotten [...]
Arizona Teachers Have Crazy Idea Kids Need ‘School Funding,’ Not Just Guns & Jebus
Add Arizona to the list of red states with crappy education funding and pissed-off teachers who have had enough. After teacher walkouts in West Virginia, Oklahoma, and Kentucky, Arizona teachers have voted to walk out on Thursday to demand [...]
Let’s Close Out This Crazy Day With A Simple Story Of An Ex-Congressman’s 23 Felony Convictions
Ol’ Boy, but not so good. Former congressman Steve Stockman, that wild feller from the One-Star State — who notoriously invited Ted Nugent to Barack Obama’s 2013 State of the Union address — was convicted yesterday on 23 out of 24 felony [...]
Pizzagate Crazy Roseanne Fave Says Hillary Clinton Carved A Witch Face On A Lady’s Vagina. AND SO MUCH MORE!
One of the more daunting aspects of the Trump presidency has been the near-normalization of completely bizarre conspiracy theories. He’s a birther and an anti-vaxxer himself. He said Alex Jones had an “amazing reputation.” During his [...]
Senate Sunday: In Tennessee, It’s Former Gov. Phil Bredesen Vs. Actual Crazy Person Marsha Blackburn
Being a crazy rightwing teabagger may not be the winning formula Marsha Blackburn assumed. Here’s some encouraging news for your Senate Sunday: Former Tennessee Governor Phil Bredesen has a ten-point polling lead over US Rep. Marsha “Why [...]