02222019What's Hot:
In third bellwether contest, Florida Democrats again carry the day and hope for a blue wave
Trump is too toxic even for Sarasota, say Democrats, who made sure to figuratively hang the unpopular president around the neck of Buchanan as well as the Republicans who [...]
Afghan Girls’ Robotics Team Won Visas. Now for the Real Contest.
Wai Yan Htun, an 18-year-old member of the Myanmar team who stopped by the Afghan table after the first three rounds to offer a taste of Myanmar peanuts and get the team’s signatures on his shirt, said: “We love them. They’re like [...]
Did Eric Trump Win A ‘Fugly Nazi Makeover’ Contest Or Did He Just Get A Haircut?
What is this please? Hmmmmmm. Let’s see what Eric Trump looked like when he said people who make fun of his dear daddy are not human beings: He looks better as a Nazi, which is just about the shittiest compliment we can think of. We guess [...]
Canada Today: Seeking Friends on Climate and Our First Contest
But more important, after the legal wrangling, states in the Northeast and Midwest forged ahead and brought in their own laws to cut emissions, largely solving Canada’s problem. In a speech this week laying out Canada’s foreign [...]
Latino, Korean influence tested in California House contest
LOS ANGELES (AP) – California state legislator Jimmy Gomez can count a lot of advantages in his bid to claim a vacant U.S. House seat Tuesday, including the blessing of the state Democratic establishment and a political committee inspired [...]
Journalists from across Georgia honored at annual contest
JEKYLL ISLAND, Ga. (AP) – A south Georgia newspaper won a prestigious award for upholding principles of the First Amendment, and journalists across the state were honored in several categories in the Georgia Press Association’s Better [...]

Trump Aides Compete In Ass-Kissing Contest, EVERYBODY WINS! :D

(Jared Kushner not pictured) Nice piece in the Washington Post today about how Donald Trump’s top aides seem to be locked in a competition to see who can offer the most over-the-top declarations of what a terrific, brilliant, smart, kind, [...]

Paul Ryan Won’t Compete In Your Shallow Health Care Coverage Beauty Contest!

You may have heard that if the health care “plan” put forward by Paul Ryan and Donald Trump is put into action, an estimated 15 million people in America would lose their coverage. Maybe you were concerned about this? Of course you were, [...]

Attention All Versifiers: Wonkette Proudly Presents Your Donald Trump Inaugural Poetry Contest!

Leonard Pinth-Garnell was, sadly, unavailable. [Update: Looks like we were hornswoggled by the Poet Lariat! See end of post — Dok] Greetings, Culture Vultures, Poetasters, rotten vegetables vendors, would-be Vogons, and of course Paula Nancy [...]

Why the Democratic leadership contest is urgent: It will shape the opposition to Trump

For some, the race for Democratic National Committee chair is a huge distraction from the all-hands-on-deck situation facing liberals and the left. After all, Donald Trump is about to be sworn in as president, with a GOP-controlled Congress [...]