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Kris Kobach: Donald Trump needs to end DACA now or face political consequences

Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach said Friday that he would advise President Trump to end DACA now, or Mr. Trump will face political consequences. “The legal question isn’t even a close one. You’ve already had multiple courts say [...]

Sunday talk shows all omit the key consequences of the GOP’s health care bill

This article originally appeared on Media Matters. During discussions of the health care bill released by Senate Republicans this week, several of the Sunday morning political talk shows failed to cover some of the detrimental consequences [...]

Saudi Prince’s Elevation Will Have Far-Reaching Consequences in Energy

7 months ago | 0 comment
Supporters say the 31-year-old prince will bring youthful energy and a fresh eye to the kingdom’s most valuable export, using it to help modernize and diversify the economy. Detractors, however, charge that he is inexperienced and prone to [...]

Lankford: Travel ban’s consequences “not well thought out”

12 months ago | 0 comment
OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) – Republican U.S. Sen. James Lankford says President Donald Trump’s executive order on immigration has “unintended consequences that were not well thought out.” The junior senator from Oklahoma said in a statement [...]

Assad’s Lesson From Aleppo: Force Works, With Few Consequences

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To do otherwise, he said, would have required the United States to be “all in and willing to take over Syria.” The message for autocratic leaders in the region and elsewhere is that force works — and brings few consequences, [...]