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U.S. Airstrikes Kill Hundreds in Somalia as Shadowy Conflict Ramps Up

WASHINGTON — The American military has escalated a battle against the Shabab, an extremist group affiliated with Al Qaeda, in Somalia even as President Trump seeks to scale back operations against similar Islamist insurgencies elsewhere [...]

Adam Schiff makes no apologies for investigating Trump, sees no conflict with Robert Mueller probe

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff on Sunday said he doesn’t think his decision to restart and expand the Russian-meddling investigation conflicts with special counsel Robert Mueller’s ongoing probe. “We have a separate [...]

The Interpreter: There’s a Deeper Conflict Behind Venezuela’s ‘Legitimacy’ Dispute

If it seems impossible that Venezuela’s government could have remained in power nearly two years into the country’s self-imposed economic collapse, consider that Naunihal Singh, a leading expert on power transitions and coups, is [...]

Showmanship, and Conflict, as Darts Goes From Smoky Pubs to TV Spectacle

LONDON — By conventional measures, dart players are not the telegenic type. They mutter to themselves onstage. They wear flamboyant polyester polos. They cradle their handful of tiny spears and stare a lot at a fibrous board seven-feet, [...]

The Interpreter: In U.S. and Europe, Migration Conflict Points to Deeper Political Problems

[unable to retrieve full-text content] The immigrant conflicts on both sides of the Atlantic have much in common. But there are distinct twists, too. Source: NYT > World
The Swiss Franc Offers a Refuge in Times of Conflict
The Swiss franc is the national currency of scenic Switzerland, a country that is known for its neutrality in international conflict, for its clockwork-like efficiency and for its reputation as a safe haven for protecting assets. Investors [...]
As Xi Tightens His Grip on China, U.S. Sees Conflict Ahead
Mr. Xi’s power grab has thrown this new China into stark relief, “exacerbating the fault line that already exists between China and the liberal democracies of the world,” said Orville H. Schell, the director of the Center on U.S.-China [...]
Trump NLRB appointee finds a way around conflict of interest rules
(Credit: Getty/Chip Somodevilla) Despite recusing himself, William Emanuel has used unrelated cases as vehicles to help Republican colleagues Ian Macdougall, Propublica2018-01-28T08:58:22Z•2018-01-28T08:58:22Z•0 Comments A [...]
An Israeli Settler, a Dead Palestinian and the Crux of the Conflict
Mr. Zaal had been waging his own, quiet campaign to defend his land. He had planted six acres with pistachio, fig, apricot, apple and olive trees, vines and berries for the birds. “He worked his land in an attempt to stop the settlers [...]
Barcelona Journal: Catalonia’s New Conflict Echoes in the Halls of an Old Prison
Mr. Alcoberro himself entered the Modelo as a 16-year-old activist in 1975, by which time he had already joined a clandestine separatist group. He was released at the end of that year, a month after the death of Spain’s dictator, Gen. [...]