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Theresa May’s Deputy Resigns in Furor Over Porn on Work Computer
His departure is a significant blow for Mrs. May as Mr. Green is a friend from their student days at Oxford University, one of her most loyal and reliable political allies, and a key figure in her cabinet. It comes just as Mrs. May’s [...]
In Computer Attacks, Clues Point to Frequent Culprit: North Korea
The computer code used in the ransomware bore some striking similarities to the code used in those three attacks. That code has not been widely used, and has been seen only in attacks by North Korean-linked hackers. Researchers at Google [...]
WannaCry malware affecting computer systems around the world
OP: I'm surprised no one posted about this, because it's pretty huge. (1) The UK's National Health Service was hit (and massively) by a cyberattack yesterday, which caused many many problems for health care in the country. The Conservative [...]

The Quebec City Mosque Victims: Professor, Butcher, Computer Technician

Photo Flowers left in remembrance of the six men killed at the Islamic Cultural Center of Quebec, the city’s largest mosque. Credit Ian Willms for The New York Times [...]