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China’s Leader, Hogging Spotlight, Elbows Communist Titan Aside

SHENZHEN, China — Shortly after taking over as China’s leader, Xi Jinping made a pilgrimage to lay a wreath at a large bronze monument to one of his predecessors, the man credited with ushering in the country’s new era of capitalist [...]
Tammy Baldwin Gonna Teach CEOs About Sharing, Like Some COMMUNIST DICTATOR OF PRESCHOOL
Interfering in the free market! Good! US Senator Tammy Baldwin of Wisconsin certainly isn’t the first person to notice that, as predicted, big corporations are using most of their great big tax cuts from the 2017 Great Big Tax Cuts for Rich [...]
China’s Communist Party Centralizes Power Over Finance, Pollution Control
Liu He, President Xi’s right-hand man in overseeing the economy and financial system, outlined the party’s central role in the reorganization in a lengthy statement published on Tuesday morning in People’s Daily, the official mouthpiece [...]
Behind the Scenes, Communist Strategist Presses China’s Rise
Some liken his shadowy role — though not his ideas — to that of Mr. Trump’s former adviser Stephen K. Bannon, or Karl Rove, who counseled President George W. Bush. But Mr. Wang moved from leader to leader, shaping the outlook not [...]
Xi Jinping unveils new line-up of Communist Party leaders, delays indicating a successor
Chinese President Xi Jinping on Wednesday unveiled the new members of the Communist party’s highest decision-making body who for the next five years will rule the world’s second-largest economy. Just before noon on Wednesday, President [...]
Xi Jinping heralds ‘new era’ of Chinese power at Communist party congress
Xi Jinping has heralded the dawn of a “new era” of Chinese politics and power at the start of a historic Communist party congress celebrating the end of his first term in office. Speaking in Beijing’s Great Hall of the People, at the [...]
A Communist Icon Toppled in Ukraine Is Restored. In England.
The Engels project was funded by the Manchester City Council and was featured recently as the closing event of the biennial Manchester International Festival of the arts. The statue was ceremonially welcomed in front of an art theater [...]

Lech Walesa Denounces Report Labeling Him a Communist Informer

Andrzej Pozorski, who leads a commission that investigates Communist-era crimes, said that Mr. Walesa could be prosecuted for giving false testimony, though it seems unlikely that the authorities will want to pursue criminal charges. [...]