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Hillary Clinton: ‘Nobody’ likes Bernie Sanders, not sure if she’d endorse him

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said in a new interview that she’s not sure she would endorse and campaign for Sen. Bernard Sanders of Vermont if he ends up winning the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination. Mrs. Clinton says [...]

Trump’s impeachment, starring Bill Clinton

*/ ]]> President Donald Trump may be the one fighting in the Senate to keep his job, but on Capitol Hill and across the country, it can feel like someone else is still on trial: Bill Clinton. Clinton’s own impeachment trial, once a fading [...]

Chuck Schumer wants ‘impartial’ trial for Donald Trump but didn’t want one for Bill Clinton: Report

Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer took a hit in the liberal media Friday when CNN reported the New York Democrat argued repeatedly during President Bill Clinton’s impeachment in the late 1990s that the Senate wasn’t an impartial [...]

Joe Biden blue-collar job killing remark compared to Clinton coal misstep

Democratic presidential hopeful Joseph R. Biden’s pledge to kill blue-collar jobs with a green economy rekindled unwanted comparisons to 2016 presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s coal miner flub. Mrs. Clinton admitted in her memoir that [...]

Trump tears up the Clinton impeachment playbook

*/ ]]> After the House Judiciary Committee voted to approve articles of impeachment, the president strode to a White House microphone, declared “profound remorse” for his actions and begged forgiveness. “What I want the American people [...]

Bernie Sanders: ‘I’m sorry’ Hillary Clinton is ‘re-running 2016’

Sen. Bernard Sanders responded to Hillary Clinton’s lamenting his delayed endorsement in 2016 by saying he doesn’t want to “re-run” the last presidential election and that he campaigned vigorously for Mrs. Clinton against President [...]

Donald Trump, You’re No Bill Clinton

*/ ]]> One problem for President Donald Trump, The New York Times said a couple months ago, is that he is not enough like President Bill Clinton, who “faced impeachment with discipline.” The other day, however, The Washington Post noted [...]

Hillary Clinton Raps Boris Johnson Over His Suppression of a Russia Report

President Vladimir V. Putin “has deployed vast resources from criminal proceeds, as well as misappropriation of assets from the regime’s opponents and random victims, to fund and develop a non-Russian, Western ‘buffer network’ [...]

Hillary Clinton Has Become The Eva Perón of American Politics.

Facebook Twitter Email Print Has Hillary Clinton completely lost it? Or is her tendency to say incalculably stupid things part of a larger political strategy that the former first lady is reluctant to share or perhaps even acknowledge? President [...]

Inside the Beltway: Impeachment: Bill Clinton had it easier

One headline says it all: “Why can’t Dems treat Trump as fairly as Republicans did Bill Clinton?” asks a New York Post editorial. But now, against President Trump, “Democrats are rushing to a final impeachment vote before Thanksgiving. [...]