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Kenya: 3 people killed in clash with police over face masks

NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) – A witness says three people were killed in a small town in Kenya’s Rift Valley during a confrontation between police and residents over the wearing of face masks to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Police [...]

House and Senate set for clash on police reform

*/ ]]> House Democrats on Wednesday will take the first step toward enacting a sweeping police reform bill, with lawmakers in both parties hopeful for a deal even as the two sides remain far from reaching a compromise. Senior Democrats [...]

3 Indian Soldiers Killed in First Deadly Clash on Chinese Border in Decades

NEW DELHI — An Indian Army officer and two soldiers were killed by Chinese troops late Monday in a clash along the disputed India-China border, Indian officials said, raising tensions between the world’s two most populous nations. Preliminary [...]

Cotton and Schumer clash over police reform

Sen. Tom Cotton. | Mark Wilson/Getty Images */ ]]> Sen. Tom Cotton and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer sparred on the Senate floor Wednesday afternoon, after the Arkansas Republican offered a resolution opposing efforts to [...]

Hakeem Jeffries, Dan Bongino clash over ‘Black lives matter’

Rep. Hakeem Jeffries and Dan Bogino, a former NYPD and U.S. Secret Service agent, clashed Wednesday over the “Black Lives Matter” movement. At the House Judiciary Committee hearing on policing, Mr. Jeffries, New York Democrat, listed a [...]

George Floyd death: Police, protesters clash across U.S.

MINNEAPOLIS — Another night of unrest in every corner of the country left charred and shattered landscapes in dozens of American cities Sunday as years of festering frustrations over the mistreatment of African Americans at the hands of police [...]

Coronavirus Updates: China Revises Its Wuhan Death Toll, Brazil’s Health Minister Is Ousted in Clash Over Lockdowns

China revises its figures in Wuhan, adding 50 percent more deaths. Faced with mounting skepticism over its official figures, China on Friday revised up its death toll in the city where the coronavirus first emerged. Officials placed [...]

Donald Trump, Nancy Pelosi clash over mail-in voting as coronavirus looms over 2020 election

WASHINGTON — While Wisconsin struggles to hold its primary on Tuesday, President Donald Trump and Democrats are bickering over how to provide voters with safe and secure access to a ballot as the coronavirus pandemic rages in the U.S. and [...]

‘This is bulls—’: Bitterness takes over Senate as lawmakers clash on rescue

*/ ]]> The Senate seems about to burst. Normally-staid lawmakers were angrily clashing on the Senate floor Monday and the chamber remains deadlocked over an emergency package to rescue the economy from the coronavirus pandemic. Advertisement The [...]

Democrats clash with GOP on sweeping coronavirus economic aid package

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. | Susan Walsh/AP Photo */ ]]> Democrats on Thursday plan to muscle through the House a massive emergency aid package for Americans affected by the coronavirus, but Republican resistance throws the future [...]