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The coming clash between Bernie and Biden

*/ ]]> Bernie Sanders’ first major tangle with Joe Biden — over a 2010 deal that Biden struck with Republicans that liberals believed threatened Social Security — helped fuel his national rise. Now Sanders is set to reprise that clash [...]

Analysis: Louisiana governor, treasurer clash over financing

BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) – Louisiana’s Democratic governor and Republican state treasurer are entering the new year locked in a continuing financial fight over the use of unclaimed property dollars to pay for ongoing government expenses, [...]

Hong Kong Protests: Police and Demonstrators Clash at Occupied Campus

HONG KONG — The Hong Kong police on Sunday clashed for hours with antigovernment activists who were staging a siege-like occupation of a university campus and blocking a vital cross-harbor tunnel, the latest escalation in a monthslong [...]

Anger in Hong Kong After Student Dies From Fall Following Clash With Police

HONG KONG — A Hong Kong student died on Friday after falling earlier this week from a parking garage where police officers clashed with protesters, a development that further escalated the public’s fury after months of antigovernment [...]

Angela Merkel and Boris Johnson Clash Over Brexit Proposal

LONDON — An early-morning phone call on Tuesday between Prime Minister Boris Johnson of Britain and Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany appeared to dash hopes of a Brexit deal before the Oct. 31 deadline, raising the pressure on Mr. Johnson [...]

Dems sweat fallout from Massachusetts Senate clash

Rep. Joe Kennedy and Sen. Ed Markey in 2017. | Michael Dwyer/AP Photo elections The party is holding its collective breath, awaiting a primary that stands to divide the state’s political class and reverberate up and down the ballot [...]

Republicans clash with Trump-aligned operatives over fundraising platform

Rep. Elise Stefanik. | Mandel AFP/Getty Images Congress The fight over WinRed highlights worries among Republicans that they won’t win back the House. By MELANIE ZANONA 09/13/2019 04:17 PM EDT Share on Facebook Share on Twitter */ [...]

In Looming Brexit Clash, U.K. Constitution Could Be the Loser

LONDON — What if Britain’s Parliament voted to remove Prime Minister Boris Johnson from office and he refused to leave, igniting a constitutional crisis? This is not some far-fetched theory. The possibility of Mr. Johnson refusing [...]

Chaos Grips Hong Kong’s Airport as Police Clash with Protesters

As if to eliminate any possible ambiguity about the airline’s stance on the unrest, Cathay’s largest shareholder, the Hong Kong-based conglomerate Swire Pacific, issued a statement on Tuesday condemning “all illegal activities and [...]

A Clash of Worldviews as Pope Francis and Putin Meet Again

This was music to the ears of traditionalists and hard-right nationalists, who are convinced that Francis — who has spoken inclusively of gay people and Muslim migrants — is that destructive element. Mr. Putin has many fans in Italy, [...]