02222019What's Hot:

U.S. Sanctions Are Aimed at Venezuela’s Oil. Its Citizens May Suffer First.

CARACAS, Venezuela — When President Trump slapped surprise oil sanctions on Venezuela aimed at toppling President Nicolás Maduro, exports plunged and banking froze as the effects hit harder and faster than expected. How ordinary [...]

Denmark requires new citizens to shake hands at ceremony

COPENHAGEN, Denmark (AP) – Denmark has adopted a law requiring anyone who becomes a Danish citizen to shake hands at the naturalization ceremony. The move is widely seen as aimed at some Muslims who for religious reasons decline to touch [...]

Happy ‘National Jealousy Day’! Finland Bares Its Citizens’ Taxes

This, said Onni Tertsunen, a graduate student at a downtown Helsinki cafe, is the kind of rich person Finns like. “He’s really humble,” he said. “That’s the thing in Finland, to be humble. If you show it around, no one likes [...]

Vietnamese court sentences US citizens to 14 years in jail

HANOI, Vietnam (AP) – A court in Vietnam’s Ho Chi Minh City sentenced two Americans of Vietnamese descent to 14 years in jail on Wednesday after finding them guilty of attempting to overthrow the government, state media reported. James [...]
Border Patrol Guy Keeps Montana Safe From Two US Citizens Speaking Spanish
Luigi and Mario won’t even acknowledge he’s part of the family. Last week in the tiny town of Havre, Montana (motto, for real: “You Know What They Say About Havre — You Can Have Her”), a Border Patrol agent sprang into action at the [...]
At Least ICE Fuckery Doesn’t Happen To American Citizens… Oh, Shit.
Halt! Papiere, bitte! Today’s “ICE fuckery is the worst fuckery” story comes from the Los Angeles Times, in the form of some jaw-dropping investigative reporting on American citizens being detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement, [...]
Hey, Maybe These ‘Sovereign Citizens’ Might Be, You Know, Dangerous?
Maybe don’t give the White House intruder guy his guns back? Now that police have arrested Travis Reinking, the suspect in the murders of four people at a Waffle House near Nashville, we may be a little closer to finding out more about his [...]
Philippines Bars Citizens From Working in Kuwait After Body Is Found
Photo Filipino workers just back from Kuwait filled out paperwork on Monday at Manila Ninoy Aquino International Airport. The government said it would help workers who want to return do so. [...]
Sovereign Citizens Impeach Hillary Clinton For Uranium One, #Pizzagate, Cancellation Of Hee Haw
Thomas Deegan, bringer of justice and failed overthrower of West Virginia Things were already looking bleak for the presidency of Hillary Clinton this year, what with all of Fox News except Shep Smith demanding she be impeached, and now she’s [...]
Saudi Arabia Orders Its Citizens Out of Lebanon, Raising Fears of War
The backdrop to the crisis was a series of steps by Saudi Arabia in recent days to confront its ascendant regional rival, Iran, and the surprise arrests of about 200 Saudis, including 11 princes, in what the government describes as an [...]