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Donald Trump pins blame on Dems: ‘Nancy and Cryin’ Chuck can end the Shutdown in 15 minutes’

President Trump on Monday accused Democrats of being AWOL from shutdown negotiations, as the government remained shuttered for the 24th day. The president said he was still waiting for a counteroffer from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate [...]

John McCain Senate Office Building push fizzles as Chuck Schumer never introduces resolution

Richard Russell survived another scare. The segregationist Democrat’s name continues to adorn the Senate’s oldest office building, despite promises by top senators that this would be the year they finally erased it, and replaced it with [...]

POLITICO Playbook: Chuck and Nancy head to the White House

Presented by */ ]]> House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi’s top priority at the minute has to be to win the speakership — and doing her best to block wall funding. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer has more room to maneuver. [...]

The top Democratic Senate recruit who’s ditching Chuck Schumer

Kyrsten Sinema’s opposition to Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer is just one example of how the three-term House member is carving out a center-left Senate campaign [...]
World’s Stupidest Chuck Todd Beginning To Doubt Fox News’s Commitment To Sparkle Motion
Thinkin’ face. It had been just under 24 hours since news broke that Sean Hannity was Michael Cohen’s oft-spoken-of “third criminal accomplice client” when Fox News released a statement: FOX NEWS statement on Hannity: “While FOX [...]
Full Transcript: Chuck Todd
Subscribe to The Global POLITICO on Apple Podcasts here. | Subscribe via Stitcher here. Susan Glasser: This week on The Global Politico, our guest is Chuck Todd, the host of “Meet the Press.” And our subject is a a pretty simple one that [...]
Chuck Schumer Tells Trump To Stick The Border Wall Up His Culo Gordo
See, Donald, this is how you drink water with one hand. Chuck Schumer reportedly sent word to the White House yesterday that Donald Trump can just forget that nice offer Schumer made last Friday to pay for a big chunk of the Wall in exchange [...]

Counterpoint: Maybe Chuck Schumer ISN’T A Fucking Asshole Weakling That We Hate?

Yes, we know Mitch McConnell is a lowdown scheming varmint. Yr Wonkette doesn’t trust that sumbitch further than we can throw him. But that DOES NOT mean Schumer and the Senate Democrats got rolled yesterday when they traded a six-year reauthorization [...]
Iowa Voters Doing The Polka On Joni Ernst And Chuck Grassley’s Stupid Trump-Loving Faces
Don’t think about Norway! The corn is popping in Iowa! Seems the good people in the Hawkeye State are a mite concerned with President Blowhard and his caca-hole caca-house potty mouth. So Senator Joni Ernst tied on her fanciest Bread Bag [...]
Mike Cernovich And Chuck C. Johnson Caught Doing Fake SEX CRIME News To Chuck Schumer, LOL As If
Move over, James O’Keefe! There’s a new scammer in town and his game is forgery. We don’t know his name yet (and maybe he’s a she!), but some merry prankster has been shopping around a fake sexual harassment complaint against Senator [...]