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Competing Against Chinese Loans, U.S. Companies Face Long Odds

KAMPALA, Uganda — Growing up in suburban Ohio, Rajakumari Jandhyala never imagined she would end up in the oil business, much less on the front line of America’s global competition with China. She spent two decades as a policy adviser [...]

Chinese Lunar Rover Begins Its Exploration of the Moon

Contrary to the enduring but mistaken notion that the moon has a “dark side” — you can blame Pink Floyd for that, at least in part — the photographs showed the landscape bathed in an orange hue, casting the sharp shadows from [...]

Chinese Spacecraft Nears Landing on Far Side of Moon

The place the probe will explore, Dr. Goswami said, could become a future refueling base for missions deeper into space in the way “navies viewed coaling stations, for purposes of refueling and resupply.” The Chang’e-4 was launched [...]

China Dispatch: Epic Battles, Palaces and Concubines: A Chinese Studio’s Vast World of Fantasy

HENGDIAN, China — If you are going to make a movie in China today about ancient warriors defending a mythical kingdom or a partisan resisting the Japanese occupation in the 1930s, or involving any variation of that staple of China’s [...]

Xi and Trump: A beginner’s guide to translating Chinese diplomatic speak

President Donald Trump will meet Saturday with Chinese President Xi Jinping in Buenos Aires. | Amilcar Orfali/Getty Images South China Morning Post Language used in statements issued after the two leaders meet will offer clues as to [...]

Chinese Scientist Who Says He Edited Babies’ Genes Defends His Work

Showing a series of slides, he quickly described what he said was three years of work involving mice, monkeys and then human embryos. He used the editing technique, Crispr-Cas9, to disable a gene, called CCR₅, which creates a protein [...]

Chinese Presence in Pakistan Is Targeted in Strike on Consulate in Karachi

KARACHI, Pakistan — In the most significant strike against Chinese interests in Pakistan in years, three militants assaulted the Chinese Consulate in the southern port city of Karachi on Friday morning, killing two policemen and two [...]

Missing Chinese university alumni spark outcry

BEIJING (AP) – Students and alumni of several Chinese universities are sounding the alarm over the apparent detention of more than a dozen young labor activists who have been missing since the weekend. The Jasic Workers Support Group [...]

Hong Kong Venue Pulls Out as Host of Events Featuring Exiled Chinese Writer

HONG KONG — A cultural venue run by a nonprofit organization with close ties to the Hong Kong government has abruptly canceled plans to host two events featuring an exiled Chinese writer, in what some saw as the latest sign of eroding [...]

Wife of ex-Interpol president wary of Chinese envoys

LYON, France (AP) – The wife of the former Interpol president who is being detained in China on bribery charges says she has been contacted by Chinese diplomats, who have told her they’re holding a letter from him for her. Grace Meng [...]