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Crush Chinese Labs to Smash Opioid Crisis.

Tweet reddit Whatsapp Email Share Share Print Supply and demand is the basic ingredient of any business deal. Unfortunately, the opioid crisis is big business. Deaths from opioid overdoses have doubled from 20,422 in 2009 to 42,249 [...]

Gunmen Attack Pakistan Luxury Hotel Used by Chinese

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan — Heavily armed gunmen on Saturday attacked a luxury hotel in southwestern Pakistan that is frequently used by top government officials, tourists and Chinese workers employed on a port project in the area, officials [...]

Pakistani Christian girls targeted by Chinese as brides

GUJRANWALA, Pakistan (AP) – Muqadas Ashraf was just 16 when her parents married her off to a Chinese man who had come to Pakistan looking for a bride. Less than five months later, Muqadas is back in her home country, pregnant and seeking [...]

Russia Dispatch: As Chinese Flock to Siberia’s Lake Baikal, Local Russians Growl

LISTVYANKA, Russia — When Andrei Sukhanov saw that the Chinese-owned hotel rising next door was about to obstruct the sweeping view of Lake Baikal from his small, rustic motel, he steeled himself with a shot of vodka, grabbed his [...]

What Was the Chinese Woman Arrested at Mar-a-Lago Really Up To? A Former Spy Helps Us Figure It Out.

Alex Finley is the pen name of a former CIA officer and author of Victor in the Rubble, a satire of the CIA and the war on terror. Follow her on Twitter: @alexzfinley. */ ]]> What was a Chinese woman doing at Mar-a-Lago with her pockets [...]

Malaysia Approves Chinese Rail Project After Price Is Slashed

BEIJING — China has been accused of saddling countries with billions of dollars of debt by building rail lines, highways and other expensive projects overseas under its so-called Belt and Road Initiative. But on Friday, China agreed [...]

Chinese Settle Into French Vineyards. But Château Imperial Rabbit?

ARVEYRES, France — The rabbit — the “Imperial Rabbit” — looks out quietly from the vineyard’s sign, sandwiched between the familiar words ‘‘Great Wine of Bordeaux.’’ But there are no rabbits in this vineyard, imperial [...]

Chinese Dissidents Feel Heat of Beijing’s Wrath. Even in Canada.

MISSISSAUGA, Ontario — Search for Sheng Xue on Google in English and you will find the story of an award-winning writer who left China for Canada after the Tiananmen Square uprising and became one of the world’s leading advocates [...]

For Prominent Chinese Church Leader, Detention Is a Test of Faith

BEIJING — In 2006, three Chinese Christians traveled to Washington to ask President George W. Bush for his support in their fight for religious freedom. One of them had converted to the faith only a few months earlier: Wang Yi, a [...]

Madrid Dispatch: A Bar for Spain’s Radical Right, Run by a Chinese Immigrant

MADRID — Step into Bar Oliva, a cafe in a southern suburb of Madrid, and you step back 44 years. Gen. Francisco Franco, the far-right dictator, died in 1975, but his spirit lives on at the bar, where portraits of him hang from the [...]