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Huawei Arrest Tests China’s Leaders as Fear and Anger Grip Elite

BEIJING — The arrest of one of China’s leading tech executives by the Canadian police for extradition to the United States has unleashed a combustible torrent of outrage and alarm among affluent and influential Chinese, posing a [...]

China’s Leader, Hogging Spotlight, Elbows Communist Titan Aside

SHENZHEN, China — Shortly after taking over as China’s leader, Xi Jinping made a pilgrimage to lay a wreath at a large bronze monument to one of his predecessors, the man credited with ushering in the country’s new era of capitalist [...]

They Escaped China’s Crackdown, but Now Wait in Limbo

GAVLE, Sweden — Abdikadir Yasin and his wife waited for months, dreading a call telling them they would have to leave Sweden and return to western China, where the government has corralled hundreds of thousands of Muslim Uighurs like [...]

Shinzo Abe Says Japan Is China’s ‘Partner,’ and No Longer Its Aid Donor

“Japan played a large part in that, but Japan has been given very little credit for it,” she said. Japan never officially declared that the aid, most of which came in the form of loans that were discontinued 10 years ago, represented [...]

Campaign Contribution Raises Concerns About China’s Meddling in New Zealand

WELLINGTON, New Zealand — The two politicians started their conversation casually, but there was serious business at hand: a donation recently deposited into a party account from a wealthy businessman, which one of the lawmakers said [...]

Interpol Chief Was China’s Pride. His Fall Exposes the Country’s Dark Side.

BEIJING — A year ago, the chief of Interpol, Meng Hongwei of China, watched as his country’s president, Xi Jinping, proudly told the organization that China would play a growing role in global law enforcement. China was among the [...]

Fan Bingbing, China’s Most Famous Actress, Faces Huge Fines in Tax Evasion

In commentary that censors appeared to be trying to suppress, people reacted online on Wednesday with both gleeful disdain and also incredulity that so large an instance of tax evasion merited only a fine. “Ordinary people who earn [...]

China’s Leaders Confront an Unlikely Foe: Ardent Young Communists

While only a small minority of students are involved, they represent a leftist critique of Chinese society that seems to be gaining traction on college campuses, partly because the authorities have been more hesitant to suppress it than [...]

China’s Sea Control Is a Done Deal, ‘Short of War With the U.S.’

NEAR MISCHIEF REEF, South China Sea — As the United States Navy reconnaissance plane banked low near Mischief Reef in the South China Sea early this month, a Chinese warning crackled on the radio. “U.S. military aircraft,” came [...]

‘We Cannot Afford This’: Malaysia Pushes Back on China’s Big Projects

Sitting at his desk during an interview after the election, Mr. Mahathir pointed to a sheaf of papers before him. It was a proposal from a Malaysian construction company that he said contained evidence that the East Coast Rail Link could [...]