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With Troop Buildup, China Sends a Stark Warning to Hong Kong

SHENZHEN, China — The Shenzhen Bay Sports Center rises along the shore with the green hills of Hong Kong visible across the water. It normally bustles with a variety of youth sports programs and dance, art and language academies, [...]

China lashes out at Taiwan over Hong Kong asylum offer

BEIJING (AP) – China is lashing out at Taiwan over its offer of political asylum to participants in Hong Kong pro-democracy movement. Spokesman for the Cabinet’s Taiwan Affairs Office Ma Xiaoguang said Monday the offer would “cover [...]

China condemns US lawmakers’ support for Hong Kong protests

HONG KONG (AP) – A spokesman for China’s ceremonial legislature condemned statements from U.S. lawmakers supportive of Hong Kong’s pro-democracy movement, as more protests were planned Sunday following a day of dueling rallies that [...]

Teenage Brides Trafficked to China Reveal Ordeal: ‘Ma, I’ve Been Sold’

Mr. Yuan tried to communicate by using his phone as a translation device, but Phyu refused to speak. She was locked in a room with a television. In the evenings, he would come in and inject her arm and then force her to have sex, she [...]

Hong Kong’s divide: 1 protest for democracy, 1 for China

HONG KONG (AP) – Pro-democracy protesters marched on one side of Hong Kong’s famous harbor on Saturday to demand the government heed their demands. Across the water, a pro-government rally called for an end to the often violent protests. The [...]

Phone Checks at Hong Kong’s Border Worry Travelers to Mainland China

HONG KONG — Chinese border officers have begun routinely searching the phones of people who enter mainland China from Hong Kong, raising concerns that Beijing is trying to identify travelers sympathetic to the territory’s protest [...]

Peter Strzok, FBI ‘dismissive’ of intel report China may have hacked Hillary Clinton emails

The FBI dismissed claims by two former intelligence community inspector general employees who claimed China may have hacked Hillary Clinton’s private server, according to a report released Wednesday by two Republican senators. The two intelligence [...]

China Is Waging a Disinformation War Against Hong Kong Protesters

BEIJING — When a projectile struck a Hong Kong woman in the eye this week as protesters clashed with the police, China responded quickly: Its state television network reported that the woman had been injured not by one of the police’s [...]

Fredo, China & Russia protests, Trump’s polls, and Amazon

Home Elections Fredo, China & Russia protests, Trump’s polls, and Amazon In today’s UnPresidented podcast, we discuss Trump’s bigoted attack on CNN anchor Chris Cuomo, the popular uprisings in Hong Kong and Moscow, the latest polls [...]

In China, Where ‘Education’ Is Indoctrination and ‘Students’ Are Muslim Detainees

HOTAN, China — The muscular young Uighur man sat uncomfortably, glancing occasionally at three Chinese officials in the room, as he described his state-mandated salvation in a re-education camp. The man, Abduweili Kebayir, 25, explained [...]