01182019What's Hot:

Huawei Fires Employee Arrested in Poland on Spying Charges

BEIJING — The Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei has fired an employee who was arrested in Poland on charges of spying for the Chinese government, saying in a statement late Saturday that the worker had brought “disrepute” [...]

Charges voided against man who brought gun to park protest

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (AP) – An Alabama city has dismissed charges against a former high school teacher accused of brandishing a handgun at an immigration rally. Shane Ryan Sealy had been accused of reckless endangerment and menacing at a [...]

Der Spiegel to Press Charges Against Reporter Who Made Up Articles

HANOVER, Germany — Der Spiegel has announced that it will press charges against a former star reporter accused of systemically faking interviews and articles, in what might be the biggest journalism scandal in Germany since another [...]

Brazil AG seeks corruption charges against President Temer

RIO DE JANEIRO (AP) – Brazil’s Attorney General Raquel Dodge says that outgoing President Michele Temer is at the epicenter of ongoing institutionalized corruption and she’s asking the courts to charge him with corruption and money [...]

Twist in Green Beret’s Extraordinary Story: Trump’s Intervention After Murder Charges

Now that Mr. Trump has weighed in, it is unclear how the Army will proceed, Defense Department officials said on Sunday. One official said the expectation was that the Army’s case would continue, but added that the president’s tweet put [...]

Rwandan court drops all charges against opposition figure

KIGALI, Rwanda (AP) – Rwanda’s high court on Thursday acquitted the country’s most prominent opposition figure, Diane Rwigara, of all charges against her, with the judge saying the prosecution failed to provide evidence of insurrection [...]

Israeli Police Urge Bribery and Fraud Charges Against Netanyahu. Again.

Still, this latest blow to Mr. Netanyahu threatened to subvert his efforts to consolidate his power and burnish his image as Israel’s security czar and the country’s indispensable, irreplaceable leader. If he remains in office next [...]

Argentine Prosecutors Consider Charges Against Saudi Crown Prince Ahead of G-20

BUENOS AIRES — Argentine authorities are looking into possible criminal charges against Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia as he prepares to attend an international summit meeting of world leaders this week in Buenos [...]

Maria Butina, alleged Russian agent, asks DOJ to dismiss charges

Attorneys for alleged Russian agent Maria Butina have asked a U.S. federal court to dismiss the government’s case against her, calling the Justice Department’s charges “overbroad and unconstitutional.” Lawyers for Ms. Butina, 30, argued [...]

Bribery Charges Urged Against Four Close to Netanyahu in Submarine Case

JERUSALEM — The Israeli police on Thursday recommended the indictment of one of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s closest confidants and three others from his inner circle in a sprawling bribery case involving the multibillion-dollar [...]