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Franken scandal haunts Gillibrand’s 2020 chances

Nearly a year after Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand led the charge in calling for former Sen. Al Franken’s resignation, the anger is fresh on the minds of major donors. | Mark Wilson/Getty Images 2020 Election ‘Let me tell you how strongly [...]

Poll: If You’re Over 50 in Florida, Chances Are You Like Trump

Poll: If you’re over 50 in Florida, chances are you like Trump — POLITICO a polling partnership between POLITICO and AARP By Tyler Fisher and Jeremy C.F. Lin | 06/18/18 05:00 AM EDT [...]

Michael Cohen Prison Oddsmaker For May 23, 2018: Today’s Chances Are LOL!

President’s personal lawyer Michael Cohen, put on your kicky blazer and gather up your mob pals, because today is another day to smoke cigars in the face of YOU GOING TO JAIL. Two tiny stories, and we’re sure there’s nothing to see here, [...]

Chances of Trump impeachment at high point

This article originally appeared on AlterNet While Houston drowns and North Korea provokes, the case for the impeachment of President Trump is growing stronger. The news of Hurricane Harvey’s destruction and Kim Jong Un’s latest [...]

Gorsuch’s Trump criticism might help his confirmation chances

Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch’s surprise admission in a private meeting that he was “disheartened” and “demoralized” over President Donald Trump’s attacks on the judiciary appeared carefully choreographed to demonstrate his [...]