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Does Gavin Newsom have the answer to Democrats’ health care fights?

*/ ]]> A year and a half ago, Gavin Newsom was in the same place as Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, running in a tough Democratic primary and vowing “it’s about time” for a single-payer health care system while dismissing his [...]

‘I’m Starting Not to Care That She Is Brutal to Her Staff’

*/ ]]> Since the candidates for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination last assembled on a debate stage a month ago, Elizabeth Warren has steadily risen in the polls, and in the sights of her rival candidates. On Tuesday night, she [...]

Democrats’ health care split squeezes Senate contenders

Democrats need to gain at least three seats to win back the Senate in 2020. Recent polling indicates the party has a strong advantage on the issue of health care, but the general public remains wary of Medicare for All. | Alex Wong/Getty [...]

Kamala’s rivals seize on health care stumbles

Democratic health care experts are fretting that the fight over Sen. Kamala Harris’ plan, and the broader battle over Medicare for All, threatens to eclipse voters’ biggest health policy priorities. | John Locher/AP File Photo 2020 [...]

Claims: Migrant kids split at border harmed in foster care

WASHINGTON (AP) – This story is part of an ongoing joint investigation between The Associated Press and the PBS series FRONTLINE on the treatment of migrant children. ___ Dozens of families separated at the border as part of the Trump [...]

2020 Dems’ health care battle is decades in the making

WASHINGTON (AP) – Seventy years ago, before Medicare existed to inspire “Medicare for All,” a Democratic president wrestled with a challenge strikingly similar to what the party’s White House hopefuls face today. Harry Truman, then [...]

Joe Biden: Starting over on health care would be a ‘sin’

Former Vice President Joseph R. Biden said he opposes anyone who wants to dismantle Obamacare, saying that starting over on the issue of health care would be a “sin.” He said a universal “Medicare for All” government-run health care [...]

Joe Biden keeps stepping in it – and voters couldn’t care less

Former Vice President Joe Biden has repeatedly come under fire for comments and acts that have been derided as dated, but he maintains steady in the polls. | Sean Rayford/Getty Images 2020 elections None of the controversies that have [...]

Brazil Fails to Replace Cuban Doctors, Hurting Health Care of 28 Million

“Our Cuban brothers will be freed,” Mr. Bolsonaro said in an official campaign proposal presented to electoral authorities. “Their families will be allowed to migrate to Brazil. And, if they pass the revalidation, they will begin [...]

Japan Desperately Needs More Day Care Workers. New Mothers Need Not Apply.

TOKYO — Ever since she was a young girl, all Erica Takato wanted to do was work with small children. She earned a degree in early childhood education and started her career in a profession of utmost importance for Japan: teaching [...]