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Eyes in the sky capture carbon, other climate culprits

KATOWICE, Poland (AP) – A growing fleet of satellites is monitoring man-made greenhouse gas emissions from space, spurred by the need to track down major sources of climate changing gases such as methane and carbon dioxide. While scientists [...]
Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Kills More Than 100 in China This Year
“It’s often the case that by the time medical workers break into the door, it’s already too late,” Yang Shixiong, the director of an emergency medical center in Nanning, the capital of Guangxi, told China National Radio. “Every [...]
World Tells Trump To Stuff ‘Clean Coal’ Up His Carbon Chute (We Are Talking About His Ass)
‘The climate is hotter than your mutti’ is some first class trolling. The UN is holding its annual climate change summit in Bonn, Germany, this year, and the only event sponsored by the United States of America was a panel discussion on [...]

Conservative case for carbon dividends: Republicans offer to tax carbon emissions

This article was originally published by Scientific American. A group of prominent Republicans released a “conservative” plan to reduce carbon dioxide emissions this week, arguing that replacing Obama-era policies with a carbon-tax-and-dividend [...]

Scientists Map Vast Peat Swamps, a Storehouse of Carbon, in Central Africa

Scientists have mapped what they say is the largest peatland in the tropics, an area larger than New York State in the Congo Basin in Central Africa. The peat, which consists of slowly decomposing vegetation in swamp forests, has been [...]

Donald Trump’s “carbon bubble” economy is bound to pop — the only question is how bad it will be

Donald Trump’s “policies” don’t really exist in any conventional or coherent sense, but his promises, pledges and appointments so far tell us enough to know that he’s devoted to the kind of bubble economics that ultimately can only [...]

Even under President Donald Trump, Americans can still see carbon dioxide emissions reductions

This article was originally published on The Conversation. Read the original article. In 2015, the Obama administration finalized the EPA Clean Power Plan (CPP), which aims to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from the electricity sector [...]