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Rookie bundlers power Buttigieg fundraising surge

Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg captured early enthusiasm by recruiting a cadre of gay male donors who are raising big money for his campaign. | Justin Sullivan/Getty Images 2020 elections Ninety-two people and couples [...]

Pete Buttigieg 2020 fundraising boosted by Hollywood stars

WASHINGTON — A-list celebrities seem to be opening their hearts – or at least their wallets – to Pete Buttigieg. The South Bend, Indiana, mayor was a virtual unknown months ago. But he used breakout town hall performances, viral [...]

Buttigieg: The ‘Atheist Rap Bro’ Weaponizing Christianity.

This is obviously obnoxious — the theology in these tracks is really, really bad, and he fails to knock down even the most ridiculous “Christian” straw men he sets up. But there is seemingly a market for this among young, pseudo-intellectual [...]

Pete Buttigieg lost black support between 2 mayoral runs, data shows

Democratic presidential candidate Mayor Pete Buttigieg (L) of South Bend, Indiana, and civil rights leader Rev. Al Sharpton (R), President of National Action Network, hold a lunch meeting April 29, 2019. | Bebeto Matthews/AFP/Getty Images 2020 [...]

Buttigieg campaign multiplies in size after huge cash haul

Pete Buttigieg is rapidly expanding his campaign’s footprint to try and build on his gains in the first half of the year. | Scott Olson/Getty Images 2020 elections The mayor’s presidential campaign is adding hundreds of on-the-ground [...]

Sanders trails Buttigieg by millions in second-quarter money chase

Sen. Bernie Sanders raised more than $ 18 million in the first quarter of his presidential campaign. | M. Scott Mahaskey/POLITICO 2020 Elections He raised $ 18 million, a strong but not first-in-class showing. By HOLLY OTTERBEIN 07/02/2019 [...]

Pete Buttigieg, Kamala Harris rise in polls after Democratic debates

Pete Buttigieg demonstrated his staying power in the Democratic presidential race Monday by posting an eye-popping $ 24.8 million fundraising total for the last three months. The South Bend, Indiana, mayor’s enriched war chest and a new [...]

Pete Buttigieg, Cory Booker campaigns hiring for faith outreach positions

After what some described as a lackluster effort from Democrats to engage faith-based voters in 2016, some of the party’s 2020 presidential contenders are hiring for positions specifically designed to engage the religious community. South [...]

Buttigieg: Trump’s fake injury ‘an assault on the honor of this country’

“You have somebody who thinks it’s all right to let somebody go in his place into a deadly war, and is willing to pretend to be disabled in order to do it,” Mayor Pete Buttigieg said. | Lynne Sladky/AP Photo Share on Facebook [...]

Buttigieg pushes for massive fundraising haul to cement top-tier status

Mayor Pete Buttigieg has placed in the top five in primary polls since starring in a March town hall, and a big fundraising total would help prove he can avoid the fate of past flash-in-the-pan candidates | Joe Raedle/Getty Images 2020 [...]