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A Stolen Picasso Buried in the Woods? Probably Not

BUCHAREST, Romania — Six years after thieves made off with seven priceless works of art in a brazen nighttime raid at a Dutch museum, an author who wrote a book about the heist said she received an anonymous tip. The Picasso was buried [...]

Live Briefing: Typhoon Mangkhut: Storm Hits China as Philippines Searches for Dozens Buried in Slides

Hong Kong is used to fierce storms, but when Typhoon Mangkhut struck the city on Sunday, it soon became clear that this one was different. Wind gusts as strong as 120 miles an hour swept through the city, rocking tall buildings and fueling [...]

An Indonesia Quake Buried Him in a Mosque. He Dug Out With a Chunk of Debris.

[unable to retrieve full-text content] “I saved myself,” said one of a handful of survivors pulled from the rubble after a powerful earthquake hit the resort island of Lombok. Source: NYT > World

In Colombian Death Ranch Case, Some Fear Prosecution Will Be Buried

[unable to retrieve full-text content] Santiago Uribe is accused of commanding a death squad. But his brother, Álvaro, was once president, and his political fortunes are back on the rise. Source: NYT > World
The radical idea buried in Trump’s State of the Union
The words arrived 26 minutes into President Donald Trump’s first State of the Union address, and when they came, they sounded vague: Trump asked Congress “to reward good workers [...]
Moore buried under TV ad barrage
Doug Jones and Roy Moore both released new television ads on Monday. But many Alabama voters will see only one of them. That’s because of the massive disparity in TV ad spending between the two candidates in the Alabama special election [...]
Landslide in China Is Feared to Have Buried Over 140 People
The police and rescue workers arrived at the village and began searching buried ruins for survivors. There were reports that at least a few people had survived. State media outlets said a couple and their baby had been rescued. Still, [...]
Fox & Friends Newshounds Find Buried Lede In Lester Holt Trump Interview: Holt Rudely Asked Questions!
[embedded content] NBC News had a great big interview with Donald Trump Thursday, in which Trump made all kinds of news by completely overturning his administration’s entire spin campaign on why James Comey was [...]

Ferdinand Marcos Is Buried in Philippine National Cemetery

Photo Police officers barricaded the entrance to the national cemetery on Friday during the burial of the dictator Ferdinand E. Marcos. Credit Francis R. Malasig/European [...]