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Stimulus Plan or Populist Giveaway? Italy’s Budget Sets Up Clash With E.U.

But the Five Star Movement campaigned explicitly on the promise of delivering that assistance, and their support ballooned in the south partly as a result. The economic realities that come with governing have forced the party to backtrack [...]

E.U., in a First, Rejects Italy’s Proposed Budget

BRUSSELS — In a stinging and rare rebuke to a core member, the European Union sent Italy’s proposed budget back to its populist government on Tuesday, saying that it posed unacceptable risks to Italy and the eurozone. The European [...]

Trump sets pay freeze for federal workforce in 2019, citing budget problems

President Trump on Thursday rescinded a pay raise for civilian federal employees in 2019, saying the government can’t afford the scheduled pay increases for the federal workforce. In a letter to Congress, Mr. Trump said a planned 2.1-percent [...]
Budget Chief Mick Mulvaney’s G-String So Full Of Lobbyists’ Dollar Bills There’s No Room For Anything Else!
Vote for me with your money, please! Mick Mulvaney is saying the quiet parts out loud again. Perhaps he thought he was alone in the shower last night when he admitted to charging lobbyists admission to his congressional office? We had a hierarchy [...]
Here’s What’s in the Budget Bill Nobody’s Bothered to Read
President Donald Trump’s budget proposals have taken a hatchet to President Barack Obama’s top priorities. They’ve called for deep cuts in renewable energy, medical research and nonmilitary spending in general. They’ve eliminated TIGER, [...]
Trump’s Budget Dream: Make America A Dickensian Slum Again, ‘Blue Apron Style’
You get rickets, and YOU get rickets! EVERYONE gets rickets! Oh, and scarlet fever too. The Trump budget proposal, which like all presidential budgets is make-believe because Congress will do what it damn well pleases, is nonetheless full of [...]
The only certainty in Trump’s budget: Oceans of red ink
President Donald Trump is ordering Republicans back to the trenches to fight non-defense appropriations. But he himself shows little appetite still for taking the lead [...]
Trump to demand tough budget cuts for domestic programs
President Donald Trump’s administration has scrambled at the 11th hour to rewrite its budget request to reflect Congress’ newly sealed budget deal. | Evan Vucci/AP [...]
What the budget deal does
The Capitol Building is pictured at sunrise on Friday. Following another government shutdown, Congress passed, and President Donald Trump signed into law, a sweeping budget [...]
Rand Paul calls colleagues hypocrites on budget spending flip-flop
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