12162018What's Hot:
Trump Buddy Paid Off His *Own* Playmate For $1.6 MILLION, And Guess Who Brokered The Deal!
He is SO FUCKED! Why are we showing you this idiot’s stupid face like five times today? Are we not sick of him already? WE ARE! But, alas, it is Rich Guy With Wandering Dick o’clock again! And apparently, Michael Cohen plies his trade all [...]
Trump’s World-Leader Buddy Is Starting to Regret It
TOKYO—Japan’s Shinzo Abe probably embraced Donald Trump faster, and with more warmth, than any other foreign leader after the reality-TV star shocked the world with his upset victory in the 2016 U.S. presidential election. Now, he’s [...]
Trump’s Best Russian Spy Buddy Felix Sater? You Mean GREATEST AMERICAN HERO Felix Sater!
Embed from Getty Images Have you heard the name “Felix Sater” before? He is this Russian-American guy who was childhood BFFs with Trump idiot lawyer Michael Cohen, and used to be a big business associate of Donald [...]
Looks Like Robert Mueller Has A New Little Buddy, And It Is Rick Gates!
That is Rick Gates! Golly, it seems like it’s been a minute since we’ve talked about the Robert Mueller investigation. That is because Robert Mueller is QUIET LIKE CAT AFTER MIDNIGHT! But that doesn’t mean stuff hasn’t been happening, [...]
Trump’s Phone Buddy in North Korea Crisis: Shinzo Abe
To be sure, with the North Korean nuclear crisis escalating and a missile flying directly over Japan last week, they have ample reason to chat. But that same logic applies to South Korea, and relations between Mr. Trump and his counterpart [...]
Trump Russian Buddy Bragged About Using Russia To Elect Trump. TOTALLY NORMAL.
And Putin did help! We alluded to this story in our post this morning about “HERE IS A BUNCH OF TRUMP-RUSSIA SHIT,” but the plot, as they say, has thickened. During the presidential campaign, while Donald Trump was telling everybody “No [...]
Pretty Much No One Thinks Trump Pardoning His Good Buddy Joe Arpaio Was A Great Idea
Last night, being that it was a Friday night and people were somewhat concerned about a massive hurricane headed for Texas, Donald Trump decided it would be a real good time to announce the fact that he was gonna give his buddy Joe Arpaio [...]