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From ‘No Problem’ to No Deal: How Brexit Supporters Embraced the Cliff Edge

Only as the negotiations reached their end point in Mrs. May’s withdrawal agreement, though, did the notion of a no-deal exit begin to gain currency as a positive outcome. Ms. Stuart said she came to the point reluctantly, out of disappointment [...]

Angry Over Brexit Stalemate, Britons March in London to Demand Second Vote

LONDON — Tens of thousands of protesters in London set off on Saturday afternoon from Hyde Park to Parliament in a last-ditch effort to reverse Britain’s looming split from the European Union, in a sign of the enormous anger among [...]

Where Does Brexit Go From Here?

LONDON — What now? Now that European leaders have agreed to a short postponement of Brexit, as Britain’s scheduled withdrawal from the European Union is known, what happens next? Another vote in the British Parliament on some version [...]

E.U. Approves Brexit Extension, but Chaotic Departure Still Looms

BRUSSELS — European Union leaders on Thursday agreed to extend the deadline for Britain’s looming exit from the bloc in order to give Prime Minister Theresa May and the British Parliament more time to get their act together. Thursday’s [...]

May Requests Brexit Delay From E.U. as U.K. Government Remains in Crisis

LONDON — Top officials of the European Union, exasperated by the chaos and dysfunction of British politics, indicated on Wednesday that they were willing to grant a short delay in the deadline for Britain’s departure, but only if [...]

Scapegoat or Hero? John Bercow, Commons Speaker, Upends Brexit

LONDON — A measure of the strangeness of the times in Brexit Britain is that one can buy T-shirts bearing the face of John Bercow, the speaker of the House of Commons, in the stylized stencil preferred by street artists and skateboarders, [...]

Theresa May Is Warned She Cannot Hold a Third Vote on Her Brexit Plan

LONDON — After two crushing defeats in Parliament for her plan for Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union, Prime Minister Theresa May nonetheless had high hopes of cajoling or threatening enough recalcitrant lawmakers to win [...]

Britain’s Parliament Votes to Delay Brexit, but Not to Control It

LONDON — British lawmakers on Thursday voted to postpone the country’s departure from the European Union but, in a rare victory for Prime Minister Theresa May, narrowly failed to wrest control of the Brexit process from her battered [...]

David Frum on immigration, impeachment, Brexit, AOC (he likes her!) and the Iraq War

We welcome back David Frum — a writer with the Atlantic, formerly of the GW Bush White House, and prominent Never-Trumper — to talk to the UnPresidented podcast about: His new tour de force article about immigration. What he thinks now [...]

Live Briefing: Brexit Live Updates: Parliament Votes to Delay Britain’s E.U. Departure

• With just 15 days left until Britain is scheduled to leave the European Union, and no consensus on how to do it, Parliament voted on Thursday to postpone the fast-approaching departure date. • By the narrowest of margins, Prime [...]