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British Parliament’s Bid to Break Its Brexit Deadlock Is Delayed. Again.

LONDON — Time is not on Britain’s side as the clock ticks down to its scheduled March 29 exit from the European Union and its politicians remain paralyzed over how the country should leave. But on Thursday, decision day was delayed [...]

Amid the Brexit Chaos, E.U. Sees a ‘Catastrophic Success’

From the perspective of the European Union, the whole exercise has been something of a nightmare, Mr. Zuleeg said. But once Britain voted to leave, Article 50 was the only legal mechanism. “The E.U. would say it made a number of concessions [...]

Jeremy Corbyn Will Decide What Happens to Brexit (Whether He Wants to or Not)

LONDON — Within minutes after Prime Minister Theresa May’s plan for leaving the European Union was resoundingly defeated on Tuesday night, the leader of the opposition Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn, rose in Parliament and vowed in [...]

After Defeat on Brexit Plan, Theresa May Faces No-Confidence Vote

LONDON — After suffering the worst parliamentary defeat in modern times over her plans for leaving the European Union, Britain’s prime minister, Theresa May, braced for another day of turmoil on Wednesday, when she will face a vote [...]

News Analysis: Amid Parliament’s Brexit Rebellion, a Tectonic Shift in How Britain Is Governed

LONDON — The annals of British politics are filled with stories about the government’s iron-fisted, sometimes terrifying control of parliamentary affairs. One former Labour cabinet secretary, Jack Straw, recalled his first encounter [...]

May and Brexit Face Uncertain Future After Crushing Defeat in Parliament

LONDON — Prime Minister Theresa May on Tuesday suffered a humiliating defeat over her plan to withdraw Britain from the European Union, thrusting the country further into political chaos with only 10 weeks to go until it is scheduled [...]

Remain or Leave? A Photographic Journey Through Brexit

The crazy, agonized, hair-tearing saga of Brexit began nearly three years ago, when David Cameron, the prime minister at the time, called for a referendum on Britain’s membership in the European Union. Shock waves rippled around the [...]

A No-Deal Brexit? Leaders Are Alarmed; Voters, Not So Much

Rob Ford, a professor of political science at the University of Manchester, said the government warnings have fallen flat in part because early on, Mrs. May repeatedly declared, “no deal for Britain is better than a bad deal for Britain.” [...]

Live Briefing: Brexit Vote: Parliament to Decide on E.U. Withdrawal Plan

For Britain, the big vote is finally here. After two and a half years of negotiation, argument, predictions and posturing, Parliament will finally decide on Tuesday on a bill that dictates the terms of Britain’s departure from the [...]

Theresa May Races to Save Her Brexit Deal From a Historic Defeat

Ahead of a vote on her Brexit plan that could go down to a humiliating defeat in Parliament, Prime Minister Theresa May of Britain was fighting on Monday less to avert the loss than to limit its scale. In that vein, Mrs. May enlisted fresh [...]