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How the Coronavirus Makes a No-Deal Brexit More Likely

LONDON — The coronavirus epidemic in Britain has killed more than 40,000 people, sickened hundreds of thousands more, including Prime Minister Boris Johnson, and paralyzed the economy. Now it may claim another casualty: a trade agreement [...]

Fishing Presents a Vexing Snag in Brexit Talks

BRIXHAM, England — In the pitch black of early morning, huge waves hurled the 30-ton vessel from side to side, drenching crewmen who struggled to keep their footing as they cast the trawler’s nets into the swirling seas. But, once [...]

Boris Johnson Pressed to Move Brexit Deadline Amid Coronavirus Threat

LONDON — As leaders on both sides of the English Channel batten down the hatches for the coronavirus, Prime Minister Boris Johnson of Britain is coming under rising pressure to ask the European Union for an extension in its negotiations [...]

For the Irish, Varadkar May Have Won Brexit, but He Lost the War at Home

LONDON — From the start, Irish voters were less beguiled than the rest of the world by the novelty of having a young, openly gay, half-Indian man lead their government. Now, as they go to the polls on Saturday, these voters are poised [...]

What if Brexit Works?

If that happens, and Britain is able to establish a stable trading relationship with the European Union, Brexit’s champions may claim a measure of vindication. That is even more likely if, as many experts predict, the bloc enters a [...]

With Brexit Official, Britons Start a ‘Brexodus’ From Brussels

BRUSSELS — His 13th-floor office with its panoramic views was testament to the high status Claude Moraes had attained as a senior member of the European Parliament. But on a recent morning, it was empty, save his suitcase, a laptop [...]

At the Stroke of Brexit, Britain Steps, Guardedly, Into a New Dawn

LONDON — To the recorded peals of Big Ben and the gentle fluttering of Union Jacks, Britain bade farewell to the European Union at 11 p.m. on Friday, severing ties to the world’s largest trading bloc after nearly half a century [...]

Brexit Day Live Updates: U.K.’s Final Hours in the E.U.

Britain approaches a historic change. At 11 p.m. on Friday — midnight in Brussels, and 6 p.m. in New York — Britain will officially depart from the European Union, 1,317 days after voting in favor of leaving the bloc in a referendum [...]

Britain’s Brexit Shrug: Let’s Just Get On With It

LONDON — Britain formally exits the European Union on Friday night, casting off from the Continent after nearly half a century and ending a debate that had convulsed the country for more than three years. Yet for all the gravity of [...]

Press Send for Brexit: E.U. Seals U.K. Withdrawal by Email

LONDON — It’s done. At last. The European Union gave its final, formal approval to Brexit on Thursday, clearing the way for Britain to reverse 47 years of integration with the Continent and leave the bloc on Friday night. Following [...]