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POLITICO Playbook: BREAKDOWN: Talks to keep government open stall, with deadline just days away

Presented by */ ]]> “I’m hoping we can get off the dime later today or in the morning because time’s ticking away,” Senate Appropriations Chairman Richard Shelby said. | Andrew Burton/Getty Images DRIVING THE DAY THE [...]
Inside the Senate’s ugly immigration breakdown
If the Senate was ever going to pass a bill to protect hundreds of thousands of young immigrants from deportation, it needed James Lankford. A conservative senator from Oklahoma with a youthful visage, Lankford had been working [...]
Hilarious breakdown of Trump’s chaotic four weeks (video)
Home News Hilarious breakdown of Trump’s chaotic four weeks (video) CNN did a great breakdown of Donald Trump’s chaotic last four weeks in office. Brooke Baldwin talked us through the list of disasters, that was so long she had to stop [...]
The Breakdown: Australia’s No. 2 Can Claim New Zealand Citizenship. Too Bad for Him.
Under New Zealand’s Citizenship Act of 1948, someone can be a New Zealand citizen by descent, even without ever applying to be one. A government website says: “If you were born overseas and at least one of your parents is a New Zealand [...]
The Breakdown: Mysterious Sea Creatures in Australia Chew Up Teenager’s Legs
Sam’s father, Jarrod Kanizay, decided to investigate by dropping a hunk of raw steak in the water where his son was attacked. He posted a video of the result: hundreds of tiny sea creatures feasting on the meat. [embedded content]Brighton [...]
The Breakdown: The Scandal Rocking Australia’s Lawmakers? It’s Their Passports
Mr. Roberts has denied he is still a British citizen. “Before nominating for the Senate I ensured that I was no longer a British or Indian citizen and have necessary documents,” he wrote on Twitter. New from me: We [...]
The Breakdown: Anti-Chinese Posters at Melbourne Universities Are Tied to White Supremacists
“Our society has been maliciously slandered by these notices put up around the university campus and it has created a harmful and poisonous atmosphere for all students,” the statement said. The Antipodean Resistance, a white [...]
The Breakdown: Australia’s Special Forces Are Accused of Killing Civilians. What Needs to Change?
We asked several military experts for insight, and they suggested a few changes. 1. Minimize inquiries. Dr. Rodger Shanahan was previously deployed to Afghanistan as a military officer and was tasked with conducting investigations [...]
The Breakdown: Tesla to Install World’s Largest Lithium-Ion Battery in Australia. Also: Reactions to North Korea.
The battery should stabilize the state’s renewable energy supply and provide residents with emergency backup power if needed. Mr. Rive’s offer came after the state suffered a string of embarrassing power outages, first in [...]

Idiot Begs Electable Candidate to Run on 2020. Nation Suffers Major Mental Breakdown.

Political Party to Commit Mass Suicide to Appease the gods of Wall Street. Trump: 0. Democrats: 0. The People: 1Throughout the country, the Trump administration’s policies are being met by resistance — no thanks to Democratic elites. 1. Donald [...]