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Smart Money Is Entering the Booming Marijuana Sector

There is a laser-like focus on pot stocks that has taken investors for one of the bigger roller-coaster rides in recent memory. The trend toward the legalization of weed has created “reefer madness” in the price action of several pot stocks, [...]

Six big losers in our “booming” economy

[unable to retrieve full-text content] While stocks doubled, 18% more kids fell into poverty Source: Salon: in-depth news, politics, business, technology & culture > Politics

Most Afghans Can’t Read, but Their Book Trade Is Booming

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In the years after the American-led invasion, cheaply printed and brazenly pirated books from Pakistan were as dominant as that country’s fruits and vegetables in the markets of Kabul. Afghanistan’s new government faced the enormous [...]

Despite Trump’s Pleas, China’s Online Opioid Bazaar Is Booming

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Mr. Trump, who has accused China of being the main source of the “flood of cheap and deadly fentanyl” into America, has pledged to raise the issue as a top priority when he meets Mr. Xi for talks on Thursday. In a news conference [...]

Why Professional Cuddling is Booming Under Trump

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On a Saturday night in Venice, California, light spills from an open door on an otherwise dark street. The space appears to be an art gallery or studio: blank walls, cubbies for shoes and personal items and cushioned mats and pillows lining [...]