03252019What's Hot:
Scott Pruitt Is Slovenly Garbage Person And His Bodyguard Is A Thug
We don’t even want to think about who or what he mounted. What with all the Donald Trump is a crazy person and so is his dumbass lawyer news this week, you may have missed the latest twists in the saga of Scott Pruitt, EPA Overlord. There [...]
Did Russian Pee Hookers Tinkle For Trump While His Bodyguard Was Sleeping? JUST ASKING!
raaaaaaaain, feel it on my fingertips, see it on the windowpane, that pee’s flowin’ down like … We’ve been so busy with Roy Moore’s alleged kid-touching, we’re just now getting to the news that leaked (insert pee joke) of the testimony [...]
Bodyguard For ‘Alt-Right’ Moron Stabbed In Brawl By ‘Armenian Gangsters’ Who Hate White Dudes. Sure.
A white power dude lying? Inthinkable! There’s this tough guy named Tim Gionet, see? Posts on Twitter as “Baked Alaska.” He’s the mug who was given the heave-ho from the big pre-inauguration DeploraBall for being too openly Nazi-like [...]