12142018What's Hot:
Nunes feels Russia probe blowback at home
LOS ANGELES — Devin Nunes, the California congressman whose allegiance to Donald Trump has made him public enemy number one to many Democrats, is beginning to feel the heat back home. His little-known challenger is awash in cash from across [...]
Trump risks political blowback from his base on Syria
President Donald Trump staked much of his 2016 campaign on vowing to solve problems at home instead of entangling the U.S. in conflicts abroad. Yet as president, he’s gone the other way, deciding to launch airstrikes against Syria this weekend [...]
Blowback from staffer scandal burns Wasserman Schultz
The chatter about a House leadership post is gone. So is talk of statewide office. After Hillary Clinton’s defeat, there’s no prospect of an administration job for Debbie Wasserman Schultz. One year after the Florida congresswoman’s [...]
Democrats fear Russia probe blowback
ALISO VIEJO, Calif. — Democrats are increasingly conflicted about how forcefully to press the issue of possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. Fearful of alienating voters who appear more concerned about the economy and [...]
GOP repeal foes face blowback
The anger commenced not long after Tuesday’s collapse of the Senate GOP bill to replace Obamacare. The Senate Conservatives Fund promised to “identify, recruit, and fund conservative challengers” to GOP lawmakers who vote against [...]