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‘He’s white, male and gay’: Buttigieg hits obstacles with black voters

Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg’s campaign has had to consider his sexual orientation as he tries to connect with black voters. | Bebeto Matthews/AP Photo 2020 Elections The openly gay South Bend mayor is meeting [...]

‘A dream ticket’: Black lawmakers pitch Biden-Harris to beat Trump

Former Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. Kamala Harris may be the perfect match to take on President Donald Trump in 2020, according to the Congressional Black Caucus. | Kevin Wolf/AP Photo Share on Facebook Share on Twitter */ ]]> The [...]

In South Africa Elections, A.N.C. Can’t Count on Black Middle-Class Voters

CHANTELLE, South Africa — Ahead of the general elections on Wednesday in South Africa, Josiah Tsheko found himself in a category now familiar to members of the nation’s growing black middle class: the undecided voter. He liked the [...]

Warren approaches breakout with black voters

Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s consistent attention to racial disparities is drawing praise from a critical voting bloc: African-Americans, and especially African-American women. | Cheryl Senter/AP Photo 2020 elections The Massachusetts [...]

Van Johnson, Savannah mayor candidate, apologizes for attending ‘Black Press Only!’ event

SAVANNAH, Ga. — A mayoral candidate in Georgia is apologizing for attending an event that barred reporters unless they were African-American. Savannah city councilman Van Johnson told reporters Friday: “I know in this case I did offend. [...]

Sydney Black accuses L. Douglas Wilder of sexual harassment

RICHMOND, Va. — A Virginia student who worked with the nation’s first elected African-American governor is accusing him of sexually harassing her by kissing her without consent. The Washington Post reported Thursday that Sydney Black, 22, [...]

Black Lives Matter activists seek police footage of shooting

HARRISVILLE, Utah (AP) – Black Lives Matter activists in Utah are asking to see body camera footage of a police shooting that critically injured a man. The Standard-Examiner reports Jamal Bell was shot multiple times by police following [...]

Boeing 737 Black Box Data Shows Similarities Between 2 Crashes

ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia — A preliminary review of the “black boxes” recovered from a jetliner that went down in Ethiopia found similarities between that crash and one involving the same Boeing model in Indonesia five months earlier, [...]

Live Briefing: Ethiopian Airlines Crash Updates: Ethiopia to Send ‘Black Boxes’ Abroad for Analysis

Belying its name, Norwegian flies routes all over Europe and beyond. According to the airline’s website, flights to European destinations were running with moderate delays and a handful of cancellations. In a message to passengers, [...]

Bernie Sanders courts black voters in South Carolina with long record of civil rights support

Sen. Bernard Sanders is set to make his first trip to South Carolina this week as an official 2020 Democratic presidential candidate, looking to prove his campaign can do better among the black voters who generally shunned his last run in 2016. His [...]