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Jack Dorsey, Posting About Myanmar on Twitter, Is Accused of Being Tone Deaf

HONG KONG — Twitter’s chief executive, Jack Dorsey, fresh off a silent-meditation retreat in Myanmar, was so smitten with his visit that he posted a series of glowing tweets about the country and its people, urging others to travel [...]

A Man’s Last Letter Before Being Killed on a Forbidden Island

Encounters became more fraught. When Mr. Chau tried to hand over fish and a bundle of gifts, a boy shot an arrow “directly into my Bible which I was holding.” “I grabbed the arrow shaft as it broke in my Bible and felt the arrow [...]

Pakistani Christian Freed After Being Cleared in Blasphemy Case

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan — A Pakistani Christian woman who was cleared last week of blasphemy charges after spending eight years on death row has been released from prison but remains under government protection because of threats to her [...]

Russia Seeks Release of Woman Accused of Being Covert Agent

[unable to retrieve full-text content] The request, by Russia’s foreign minister, followed a week when Moscow had appeared to control the narrative on a range of international issues. Source: NYT > World

American Accused of Being ISIS Fighter in Syria Faces Prosecution in U.S.

[unable to retrieve full-text content] Ibraheem Musaibli, who is from Michigan, is being held in Syria. So is an Indiana woman whose husband died fighting for ISIS. The U.S. is bringing them home. Source: NYT > World

Dana Rohrabacher Being A Total Dana Rohrabacher Again, Anti-Gay Edition

Dana Rohr HA HA! bacher. Yeah, it’s a stretch. Gross bigot Dana Rohrabacher, the Republican US Representative from California’s 48th congressional district, is in his closest reelection fight ever, so he decided maybe his rightwing base [...]
Preet Bharara being drafted for war on Trump
Preet Bharara is seeing all the texts, phone calls and DMs urging him to run for New York attorney general, including from some top operatives and Democratic donors. He’s hearing it from people coming up to him on the street. And though [...]
‘Americans are Being Held Hostage and Terrorized by the Fringes’
Arthur Brooks is president of the American Enterprise Institute, the center-right Washington think tank that has, amid a decade of turmoil inside the Republican Party, remained a sober, respected voice on matters of policy—while gradually [...]
Yes, You Can Go To Jail For Being Too Blackkety Black, Y’all
Why isn’t the NRA defending this lawful gun owner? As if black people didn’t have enough to worry about with The Keebler Klanner Jeff Sessions in charge of the Justice Department, we now have a brand new threat: Negrotanamo. Rather than [...]
Finally A Story About Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens Being A Common Criminal, With No Rape At All
Armed and dunderheaded Gross disgusting rapey — in the literal and not the figurative sense — Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens is still in office, somehow (something to do with being incapable of shame and the bar for allowable behavior having [...]