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Four Million Indians in One State Risk Being Denied Citizenship. Most Are Muslims.

NEW DELHI — More than four million people in India, mostly Muslims, are at risk of being declared foreign migrants as the government pushes a hard-line Hindu nationalist agenda that has challenged the country’s pluralist traditions [...]

New Mexico hotel being mistaken for store with racist signs

MAYHILL, N.M. (AP) – The manager of a southern New Mexico hotel says it’s being wrongly identified as a convenience store that shares a similar name and recently posted signs against immigrants and former President Barack Obama. The [...]

Did Google Just Admit to Being a ‘Nazi’ Collaborator?

Tweet reddit Whatsapp Email Share Share Print The Project Veritas investigation into Google’s political bias continues with the release of a leaked email from the Big Tech company that describes moderate conservatives Ben Shapiro, [...]

Republicans lash Trump for being open to foreign oppo

“I would not trust information coming from another country. I wouldn’t do it,” Sen. Joni Ernst said on Thursday, putting daylight between herself and President Donald Trump. | Pete Marovich/Getty Images Congress GOP senators vowed [...]

How Trump’s Trade War Is Being Fought Around the World

President Trump on Thursday threatened to hit Mexico with new tariffs, escalating his immigration fight with America’s largest trading partner. And with that, he showed, once again, that he’s ready to employ trade as an all-purpose [...]

Supreme Court to decide if it will hear case of 4-year-old girl being stripped searched

April Woodard, a child abuse investigator, figured something was wrong with the 4-year-old girl who showed up at her Colorado school with bumps, cuts and bruises. With the permission of her supervisor — but no notice to the child’s mother, [...]

Salvation Army property being seized for road project

DERRY, N.H. (AP) – The Salvation Army in Derry, New Hampshire, says it’s looking for a new home after just one year at its location because the state said it’s taking the property for a road project. WMUR-TV reports staff said they [...]

The Russia Conspiracy Theorists Are Being Undone For Good.

Tweet reddit Whatsapp Email Share Share Print It was a scene the conspiracy theorists who fueled “Russiagate” would view as a smoking gun of a vast international plot, but by pure coincidence I was at President Trump’s Florida [...]

Wayne LaPierre, NRA executive VP, says he’s being pressured to resign

INDIANAPOLIS — A power struggle within the National Rifle Association is coming to an explosive head after NRA executive vice president Wayne LaPierre said he faced pressure to resign his post within the organization this week from retired [...]

Sanders: No apology for being a millionaire

“If anyone thinks I should apologize for writing a bestselling book, I’m sorry, I’m not going to do it,” Bernie Sanders (pictured) said. | Matt Rourke/AP Photo Share on Facebook Share on Twitter */ ]]> Sen. Bernie Sanders [...]