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Battle for .amazon Domain Pits Retailer Against South American Nations

The countries challenging the retailer, however, said they wanted shared governance of the .amazon domain, to protect the name and to ensure they will have a say in how it is used in the future. “We would like to be able to raise objections [...]

Thugs and Extremists Join Battle for Tripoli, Complicating Libyan Fray

A week after an aspiring strongman launched a surprise attack on the Libyan capital, an assortment of criminal gangs and extremists are rushing into the fight against him, raising new questions for the United States and other Western [...]

It’s Trump versus Trump as immigration battle unfolds

“POTUS ran on certain things, and most times people want him to do something outside of those campaign promises, they get slapped back,” said one senior administration official of Donald Trump. | Jacquelyn Martin/AP Photo Share on [...]

U.S. Military Pulls Out of Libyan Capital as Rival Militias Battle

General Hifter, a former officer in Colonel Qaddafi’s army, once sought to lead a coup against him and then lived in Virginia as a C.I.A. client. He returned during the uprising against Colonel Qaddafi in 2011, and from a base in eastern [...]

U.N. Appeals to Maduro and Guaidó to End Battle Over Humanitarian Aid

Detailing an increasingly desperate situation in Venezuela, the United Nations made a confidential plea on Wednesday to the country’s two rival leaders to end a political battle over humanitarian aid that has blocked shipments of [...]

Battle over Mueller’s probe moves to Capitol Hill

“After months upon months of manufactured outrage on this issue, it is time we move on for the good of the nation,” said House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy. | J. Scott Applewhite/AP Photo Congress Possible impeachment [...]

Battle over Mueller report to be pressed by Democrats

WASHINGTON (AP) – Within minutes of receiving notification that special counsel Robert Mueller had turned over his report on the Russia investigation, congressional Democrats were calling for the report to be fully released, including [...]

Thaksin allies face uphill battle in bid to oust Thai junta

BANGKOK (AP) – The political movement that has won every Thai election in nearly two decades is facing its biggest test yet: Squaring off against the allies of the military junta that removed it from power and rewrote the electoral rules [...]

Rescuers Battle Flooding in Desperate Bid to Save Cyclone Victims

MAPUTO, Mozambique — The fierce winds and torrential rains slammed into three of the poorest countries on earth, upending the lives of more than one million people in a matter of minutes. Then the floods from Cyclone Idai came and [...]

Why China Silenced a Clickbait Queen in Its Battle for Information Control

Increasingly, the party is seeking to limit content that depicts life in China as a constant struggle. That seems to have driven the attacks on Ms. Ma, the clickbait queen. Ms. Ma, 42, already had detractors who accused her of making [...]