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Construction workers prepare to battle former ally Trump

Should the dispute turn North America’s Building Trades Unions against President Donald Trump, that might further weaken his already-declining support in the Midwestern states. | Joe Raedle/Getty Images employment & immigration A [...]

Coke Ad Riles Hungary Conservatives, Part of Larger Gay Rights Battle

While there have been stepped-up campaigns against L.G.B.T. rights in other countries, it remains to be seen if they prove politically potent. Same-sex marriages are legal in Scandinavia and most of western Europe, and civil unions are [...]

‘Warren has built a monster’: Inside the Democrats’ battle for Nevada

Sen. Elizabeth Warren speaks at a campaign event on August 2 in Henderson, Nevada. | John Locher/AP Photo 2020 Elections The Massachusetts senator is turning heads in the early voting state with the size of her operation — and crowds. By [...]

Trump’s China battle heads into the danger zone

The Trump administration’s currency manipulation charge requires consultation with the IMF about potential remedies. And that could go nowhere. | Thomas Peter-Pool/Getty Images trade The surprise labeling of China as a currency manipulator [...]

2020 Dems’ health care battle is decades in the making

WASHINGTON (AP) – Seventy years ago, before Medicare existed to inspire “Medicare for All,” a Democratic president wrestled with a challenge strikingly similar to what the party’s White House hopefuls face today. Harry Truman, then [...]

American Woman Loses Custody Battle for Daughter in Saudi Arabia

Ms. Vierra said the photos were taken in the United States and taken from her private social media accounts. The court accepted his testimony at face value, she said, while hers was legally worthless unless she could bring in male witnesses [...]

Donald Trump wins first legal battle over sanctuary cities

A federal appeals court sided Friday with the Trump administration’s effort to punish sanctuary cities, ruling that the federal government can reward communities that cooperate with ICE on deportations. At stake are policing grants, which [...]

Joe Biden: We should have been harder on Mitch McConnell in Garland nomination battle

Former Vice President Joseph R. Biden said the Obama administration could have put more pressure on Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell during the confirmation fight of Judge Merrick Garland, who Mr. Obama nominated for the U.S. Supreme [...]

Warren takes on Harris and Biden in battle for black support

Polls so far tend to show Sen. Elizabeth Warren is doing better with white voters than black voters. | Amr Alfiky/AP Photo 2020 elections The Massachusetts senator is making an aggressive play for African American support — and the [...]

Nadler: Hope Hicks testimony is huge gift in legal battle with Trump

Former White House communications director Hope Hicks leaves a closed-door interview with members of the House Judiciary Committee. | Andrew Harnik/AP Photo EXCLUSIVE In an exclusive interview, Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler also said [...]