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If Nashville Mayor Megan Barry Should Stay, She Would Only Be In Your Way …
Megan Barry and her bodyguard Robert Forrest Bad news for all mayors who have that one special bodyguard what is not their husband, the one they take on romantic official mayoral trips to France on the taxpayer dime, who clocks a bunch of overtime [...]
Did Cheatin’ Nashville Mayor Megan Barry Do Naked Time On The Public Dime? SOLID MAYBE!
Megan Barry and her ex-boyfriend/hot cop Robert Forrest Loyal Wonkette readers will remember the tale we told a few weeks back, about badass progressive Nashville Mayor Megan Barry, who is in a wee spot of trouble right now, because not only [...]
When Harry Met Barry: The BBC Obama Interview
Now that he no longer has the authority that came with being president, Mr. Obama said he relies on persuasion rather than legislation. “A lot of the things that still motivate me and move me continue to this day,” he added. Addressing [...]
The Republicans wish they had Barry Goldwater right now
Last July, when pundits were drawing countless parallels between Donald Trump and Barry Goldwater, the Republican presidential nominee in 1964 who transformed the party by pushing it rightward, it was worth noting that Trump was no Goldwater, [...]