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Bill Bar, Trump Attorney General nominee, backed by Justice Department alums

More than 120 former Justice Department officials have signed onto a letter expressing support for Attorney General nominee William Barr ahead of his confirmation hearing next week. The letter is signed by three former attorneys general, two [...]

Exit poll indicates nearly one in five Swedish voters backed anti-immigrant party with white suprema

STOCKHOLM (AP) – Exit poll indicates nearly one in five Swedish voters backed anti-immigrant party with white supremacist roots. Copyright © 2018 The Washington Times, LLC. The Washington Times Comment Policy The Washington Times [...]
Trump Urges Voters To Reject Don Blankenship, Who’s As Bad As That Alabama Loser He Backed
Killed 29 miners, but allowed in every mall in the state. Donald Trump has been busy tweeting this morning, with the usual bullshit about how the Democrats who run the FBI are out to steal his magic bag and there’s no such thing as obstruction [...]
Syrian Rebels, Backed by Turkey, Seize Control of Afrin
He said that many of the Kurdish troops had abandoned their guns. “The fighters left their weapons behind,” he said. “We found many on the ground and in the trash.” “For the time being, we’re trying to deal with the [...]
Trump: I originally backed Luther Strange because Moore couldn’t win
President Donald Trump tried to claim Wednesday morning that he had been right all along about the race. | Andrew Caballero-Reynolds/AFP/Getty Images [...]
Backed by UnitedHealth, HHS nominee would now help oversee it
Five months after President Donald Trump nominated Stephen Parente to be an assistant secretary for Health and Human Services, the nation’s largest health insurer quietly gave a $ 1.2 million gift to a tiny academic research center [...]
Bannon’s army includes candidates backed by the GOP establishment
Matt Rosendale, the Montana state auditor running for U.S. Senate, recently received the endorsement du jour in Republican politics: Steve Bannon plucked him for the slate of candidates he is backing as part of his war on the GOP establishment. [...]

Backed by Police Unions, Legislators Stand by Laws to Protect Drivers Who Kill Protesters

In the aftermath of the murder of activist Heather Heyer in Charlottesville, Virginia, state legislators who had previously pushed to shield drivers who killed protesters with a moving vehicle are largely standing by their various efforts, [...]
Black conservatives who backed Trump are suddenly offended — but they sold their souls long ago
Cable news media’s coverage of Donald Trump’s reaction to the white supremacist terror and mayhem in Charlottesville has been an emotional spectacle. Hosts and panelists have cried, yelled at each other, become unhinged, hurled insults, [...]
Trump Backed Off Putin Because ‘What Do You Do? End Up in a Fistfight?’
Mr. Trump reiterated his denial that his campaign had colluded with the Russians, saying it was a media witch hunt abetted by the Democrats, who he said had overplayed their hand. “When they say ‘treason,’ you know what treason [...]