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Donald Trump fires back at ‘overrated’ James Mattis: ‘Glad he is gone!’

President Trump responded to criticism from former Defense Secretary James Mattis by calling him an “overrated” military leader whom he relished firing. “Probably the only thing Barack Obama and I have in common is that we both had the [...]

Fringe groups point finger back at Trump, Democrats

*/ ]]> Extremist movements on the left and right are pushing back at claims by President Donald Trump and others — including some Democrats — that their members are primarily to blame for the violent unrest convulsing the country [...]

Coronavirus Turns a Spanish Sea Delicacy Back Into Daily Fare

LLANÇÀ, Spain — With an intensity of flavor to match their color, the big, bright-red prawns caught off Spain’s eastern coast are the kind of delicacy that someone might eat once or twice in a year and remember fondly for the [...]

North Carolina throws convention threat back at Trump and GOP

*/ ]]> President Donald Trump threatened Monday to pull the Republican National Convention out of North Carolina if state officials don’t roll out the red carpet soon. On Tuesday, those officials put the onus on national Republicans [...]

Jeff Sessions fires back after Trump attacks former AG’s campaign to rejoin Senate

Jeff Sessions continued to defend himself on Saturday after President Trump mounted an attack on the Alabama Republican’s campaign to reclaim his former seat in the U.S. Senate. Mr. Sessions, Mr. Trump’s former attorney general, fired back [...]

Reopening reality check: Georgia’s jobs aren’t flooding back

*/ ]]> Georgia’s early move to start easing stay-at-home restrictions nearly a month ago has done little to stem the state’s flood of unemployment claims — illustrating how hard it is to bring jobs back while consumers are still [...]

Gary Cohn on rolling back GOP tax cuts: Everything should be on the table

Former White House economic adviser Gary Cohn said parts of the 2017 tax-cut law he helped shepherd through Congress might have to be rolled back amid the economic fallout from the coronavirus pandemic. “We need to sit down and look at the [...]

Coronavirus drives health insurers back to Obamacare

*/ ]]> Health insurers fled the Affordable Care Act in the early years of the law, fearing that losses from covering too many sick people would eat away at their profits. Now the insurers increasingly view Obamacare as a boon while [...]

Mike Pence: I’d be ‘happy’ to see Michael Flynn back in government

Vice President Mike Pence said he’d be “happy” to see former Trump National Security Adviser Michael Flynn back working in the government after the Justice Department last week moved to drop its case against Flynn. “I think Gen. Michael [...]

Elite colleges back away from rescue cash amid criticism of endowments

*/ ]]> Stanford University is withdrawing an application for $ 7.4 million it would get in federal emergency funding based on its numbers of poorer students. Harvard University is rejecting its $ 8.7 million share, too, citing “intense [...]