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As Australia’s Cities Get Crowded, Its Leader Targets Immigration

SYDNEY, Australia — Prime Minister Scott Morrison of Australia has proposed imposing stricter limits on immigration to control overcrowding in the country’s major cities, a plan that experts called a politically motivated gambit [...]

Australia’s Prime Minister ‘Surprised’ by State’s Secret Deal With China

SYDNEY, Australia — Prime Minister Scott Morrison of Australia was blindsided by reports that a state government had quietly sidestepped federal regulators and signed a deal with China to participate in that country’s contentious [...]

Wentworth Defeat Pushes Australia’s Prime Minister Into Minority Government

He pointed to the election this past week in Bavaria that shook Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government in Germany, as voters shifted their allegiance away from her conservative allies toward the progressive, pro-refugee Greens. “Australians [...]

Australia’s Other Great (and Threatened) Coral Reefs

MELBOURNE, Australia — The United Nations issued a dire alert on Monday, warning that many of the world’s coral reefs could die as soon as 2040 as a result of climate change. Already, warming waters have bleached more than two-thirds [...]

Australia’s New Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, Appoints a Cabinet

One lawmaker who mounted that challenge, only to lose in the final party vote — Peter Dutton, 47, a former police officer from Queensland — will return to the cabinet. He was appointed on Sunday to a role he has held before, home [...]

Scott Morrison, Australia’s New Prime Minister, Pledges to ‘Heal Our Party’

A relative moderate in Australia’s conservative party and an ally of Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull succeeded him after a vote on Friday that capped days of chaos in the capital and underscored just how turbulent Australian politics [...]
Maralinga Journal: Australia’s Least Likely Tourist Spot: a Test Site for Atom Bombs
Maralinga, which means “thunder” in the extinct Aboriginal language Garik, is an unlikely tourist destination. It is hot and arid, and at 700 miles west of Adelaide it is difficult to reach. When tours started in 2016, the village [...]
Australia’s Prime Minister Just Can’t Win an Opinion Poll
“That’s what Australians want me to focus on,” he added. “They don’t want me to focus on personalities or the politics.” When Mr. Turnbull was sworn in as Australia’s 29th prime minister in 2015, he became the country’s [...]
Drilling in ‘Australia’s Galápagos’ Raises Hopes of Jobs and Fears of Spill
Australia has reached its 27th consecutive year without a recession by supplying energy and raw materials like iron ore to the manufacturing economies of Asia, and particularly China. Opening the Bight to drilling would help Australia [...]
No More Sex Between Ministers and Staff, Australia’s Prime Minister Declares
Mr. Joyce will also no longer serve as acting prime minister during Mr. Turnbull’s White House visit next week, a decision that critics said suggested the prime minister had lost confidence in him. The finance minister, Mathias Cormann, [...]