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Australia dispatch: Were Killings at an Australian Cliff a ‘Massacre’? And Who Gets to Decide?

ELLISTON, Australia — Jack Johncock, a local leader of the Wirangu people, pointed toward the spot near Waterloo Bay where a group of Aboriginal Australians were pushed to their deaths from rocky cliffs above a ferocious sea. Some [...]

Wildfires Burn Across Eastern Australia in Sweltering Heat Wave

More than 100 wildfires burned across Queensland in eastern Australia on Thursday, the second day of evacuations and rapidly changing conditions affecting thousands of people during a sweltering heat wave. Conditions improved on Thursday, [...]

‘We Say Sorry’: Australia Formally Apologizes to Victims of Child Sexual Abuse

SYDNEY, Australia — Australia sought to atone for a decades-long epidemic of child sexual abuse on Monday, as Prime Minister Scott Morrison issued an official apology that acknowledged the government’s systemic failures to protect [...]

Australia mulls banning some immigrants from biggest cities

CANBERRA, Australia (AP) – Starting a new life in Australia might not come with views of the Sydney Opera House or surfing at Sydney’s Bondi Beach with the government considering a ban on some immigrants from settling in big cities. Minister [...]

A Wild Country Party in Australia Proves a Balm for Rural Loneliness

DENILIQUIN, Australia — It’s been called the most debauched outdoor party in Australia: a wild, rollicking weekend where rural masculinity is on display and beer and banter flow endlessly. But for the Thompsons, the event carries [...]

Wreckage May Be From Endeavour, Ship That Explored World and Charted Australia

SYDNEY, Australia — The Endeavour set off from England in 1768 and traversed a world that sailors’ maps had yet to document. The ship bounded through the Pacific Ocean, scraping up against the Great Barrier Reef and stopping in [...]

Australia Plans to Deny Chelsea Manning an Entry Visa, Citing ‘Criminal Record’

SYDNEY, Australia — The Australian government said on Wednesday that it would not grant a visa to Chelsea Manning, a former American soldier sentenced to prison for sharing classified government documents, because she failed a character [...]

US leaker Chelsea Manning to be barred from Australia

CANBERRA, Australia (AP) – Convicted classified document leaker Chelsea Manning will not be allowed to enter Australia for a speaking tour scheduled to start Sunday, her tour organizer said on Thursday. Think Inc. said it had received [...]

Australia Sends Migrants Found in Crocodile-Infested Waters to Detention

SYDNEY, Australia — For the first time in nearly four years, a group of migrants was caught illegally entering the Australian mainland by sea this week, after surviving a shipwreck and several days in crocodile-infested waters, the [...]
Mass Shooting in Australia Leaves a Tiny Community in Shock and Grief
OSMINGTON, Australia — On the road to the property where seven people from the same family were killed on Friday in Australia’s worst mass shooting in decades, a small makeshift sign says, “Church open for prayer.” In a community [...]