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Berners attack Beto

Over the past week, a number of top Bernie Sanders supporters have launched what appears to be a coordinated attack on liberal firebrand Beto O’Rourke for allegedly being a neo-liberal establishment shill. (O’Rourke is arguably as liberal [...]

Ukraine Declares Martial Law Over Naval Attack by Russia

Ukraine’s Parliament voted Monday to declare martial law in areas bordering Russia, responding to an attack a day earlier by Russian forces who fired on and impounded three Ukrainian naval vessels, leaving several sailors wounded. The [...]

‘We Lost Everything,’ Says U.K. Police Officer Poisoned in Novichok Attack

LONDON — The British police officer who was poisoned in a nerve agent attack on a Russian former spy has said that he and his family had to abandon all their belongings because of possible contamination — not just their home and [...]

Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts calls out Trump for his attack on a judge

“We do not have Obama judges or Trump judges, Bush judges or Clinton judges,” Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts said in a statement seen as rebuking the president. | Win McNamee/Getty Images legal The president had attacked [...]

Egypt Says It Killed 19 Militants After Deadly Attack on Christians

CAIRO — Egypt said on Sunday that it had killed 19 militants linked to an ambush that left seven Christian pilgrims dead, as President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi scrambled to respond to a surge of Christian anger against his government. The [...]

U.S. Soldier Killed in Insider Attack in Afghanistan

KABUL, Afghanistan — An American service member was killed and another wounded when an Afghan commando opened fire on them on Saturday in Kabul, Afghan and American officials said. It was the second such attack in less than two weeks. On [...]

Toronto van attack killer linked to ‘incel’ groups

OP: A young man used a truck to plow into people on a busy sidewalk in the city of Toronto, Canada, earlier this week. The attack killed 10 people. Alek Minassian Toronto van attack suspect praised 'incel' killer A van driver accused [...]

Trump: ‘This was an anti-Semitic attack at its worst’

Mourners hold candles as they gather for a vigil in the aftermath of a deadly shooting at the Tree of Life Congregation Synagogue in the Squirrel Hill neighborhood of Pittsburgh on Saturday. | Matt Rourke/AP Photo Pittsburgh Synagogue [...]

America under attack: Clintons, Obamas, Soros & CNN sent bombs

Home News America under attack: Clintons, Obamas, Soros & CNN sent bombs America is under attack, as multiple incendiary devices are sent simultaneously to the Clintons, the Obamas, George Soros, CNN and more. In this special edition of [...]

O’Rourke goes on the attack against Cruz

Rep. Beto O’Rourke, left, and U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz took part in a debate for the Texas U.S. Senate Tuesday in San Antonio, in which O’Rourke invoked President Donald Trump’s nickname for Cruz: “Lyin’ Ted.” | Tom [...]