02222019What's Hot:
A Nearly Invisible Oil Spill Threatens Some of Asia’s Richest Fisheries
“This is an oil spill of a type we haven’t seen before,” said Paul Johnston, a scientist at Greenpeace Research Laboratories at the University of Exeter in England. “Working out the impact is actually a huge task — probably [...]
Heard the One About Asia’s Comedy Scene? First, You’ll Need a Permit
The Chinese government requires him to submit scripts in advance of his commercial performances — that gets him a permit to tell jokes. He also has to provide video of someone reading the comedy lines aloud. Government censors have [...]
In Russia’s Far East, a Fledgling Las Vegas for Asia’s Gamblers
Under Mr. Putin, Moscow has poured billions of dollars into the area, paying for huge bridges, a new university campus and other costly state-directed projects. But despite ever closer relations between Moscow and Beijing, said Artyom [...]