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Live Briefing: Ethiopian Airlines Crash Updates: Ethiopia to Send ‘Black Boxes’ Abroad for Analysis

Belying its name, Norwegian flies routes all over Europe and beyond. According to the airline’s website, flights to European destinations were running with moderate delays and a handful of cancellations. In a message to passengers, [...]

News Analysis: Can Israel Survive Without Netanyahu? Israelis Imagine the Future

Much can change between now and April 9. Mr. Netanyahu could well survive the election, and go on in July to become Israel’s longest-serving prime minister, surpassing David Ben-Gurion, its founding statesman. He could even forge a [...]

News Analysis: Netanyahu Responds to Effort to Indict Him: What He Said and What He Meant

JERUSALEM — By turns angry and choked up, sneering and defiant, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu delivered a lengthy, emotional response Thursday night to the decision by Israel’s attorney general to indict him on bribery and other [...]

News Analysis: Trump-Kim Summit’s Collapse Exposes the Risks of One-to-One Diplomacy

HANOI, Vietnam — Over the past quarter-century, three American presidents have tried cajoling, threatening and sabotaging North Korea in its efforts to build a nuclear arsenal. Eventually each turned to negotiations, convinced that [...]

Michael Cohen hearing: Live video, testimony analysis & reaction

Here’s another question that’s come in on Twitter Thanks, Matthew. Cohen has a lot of other documents, but because of the way this has worked out, Trump’s lawyers probably have most or all of them. After Cohen’s office, home and hotel [...]

Analysis: Shutdown saga offers lesson in divided government

WASHINGTON (AP) – When you want results in a polarized Washington, sometimes it pays to simply leave the professionals alone to do their jobs. That seems to especially be the case now in an era in which liberal House Democrats are sharing [...]

News Analysis: Afghans Fear They Could End Up Trampled if U.S. Rushes the Exits

KABUL, Afghanistan — A giant H has been painted on the broad boulevard in front of the American Embassy in Kabul, creating a new helipad that so far, embassy officials say, has only been used by Zalmay Khalilzad, the special United [...]

News Analysis: Amid Parliament’s Brexit Rebellion, a Tectonic Shift in How Britain Is Governed

LONDON — The annals of British politics are filled with stories about the government’s iron-fisted, sometimes terrifying control of parliamentary affairs. One former Labour cabinet secretary, Jack Straw, recalled his first encounter [...]

News Analysis: As U.S. Exits Syria, Mideast Faces a Post-American Era

With little notice to the United States, Saudi Arabia began a military intervention in Yemen that nearly four years later has failed to dislodge the Iran-aligned rebels it targeted while causing a humanitarian crisis. Iran has deepened [...]

News Analysis: Kim and Trump Back at Square 1: If U.S. Keeps Sanctions, North Will Keep Nuclear Program

Nearly two years into his presidency and more than six months after his historic summit meeting with Kim Jong-un of North Korea, President Trump finds himself essentially back where he was at the beginning in achieving the ambitious [...]