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‘Make America Late Again’: De Blasio’s political tardiness is an enduring theme

Mayor Bill de Blasio’s longstanding inability to keep to a schedule speaks to a deeper chink in his political armor: He’s not just late to ribbon cuttings and memorial services. He’s late to progressive causes, too. | Michael Appleton/Mayoral [...]

‘White House Correspondent’ BANNED From Twitter After Joining One America News

TECH Human Events understands the ban took place just one day into Rion’s employment, and just hours after her first package was aired on One America News (below). on May 15, 2019 Tweet reddit Whatsapp Email Share Share [...]

‘One of the most important endorsements in America right now’

The competition between Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders for Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s support represents a new front in their delicate cold war. | POLITICO illustration/Getty Images, AP Photo 2020 Elections Bernie [...]

Seth Moulton, 2020 contender: America is not a socialist country

Rep. Seth Moulton of Massachusetts, a 2020 Democratic presidential candidate, said he doesn’t think a “socialist” candidate will win the White House. “I do think there are elements of our party that are going too far towards socialism,” [...]

‘America First’ meets ‘Hungary First,’ but White House wary of love fest

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán was the only European Union government head to endorse Donald Trump’s presidential campaign in 2016. | Laszlo Balogh/Getty Images White House Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, Europe’s [...]

WATCH: Kassam Says America Must Be Allowed to Heal After Mueller

U.S. POLITICS Global Editor-in-Chief Raheem Kassam appeared on the Hill.TV on Monday morning to insist that America be given the chance to heal after the establishment media and Robert Mueller drove a wedge through the country. on May [...]

Players seeking change for women’s soccer in Latin America

For women in many parts of the world, a level playing field in soccer can simply mean having a playable practice field. Players in Latin America face clear political, cultural and even historical challenges when it comes to soccer and sports [...]

President Trump is destroying America by allowing Big Tech’s censorship

ANALYSIS/OPINION: I have been a loyal Donald Trump supporter from almost day one, at least almost to the beginning of the primaries in 2015. I have pushed for his agenda, attempted to rally the troops on social media, and written profusely [...]

Yes America, The EU Is Your Fault.

Today in Britain, among “people like us” – you may recognize that as a Thatcher phrase — the book we are reading is Julian Jackson’s new biography, “A Certain Idea of France: the Life of Charles de Gaulle.”  To see if people [...]

Mike Pence: America ‘will never forget’ Richard Lugar leadership

INDIANAPOLIS — Vice President Mike Pence says Indiana and America “will never forget the leadership and service” of former longtime Sen. Richard Lugar. Lugar died Sunday at age 87. He was a foreign policy expert know for leading efforts [...]