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Pittsburgh Killing Aftermath Bares Jewish Rifts in Israel and America

BEIT SHEMESH, Israel — The slaughter of 11 Jews in Pittsburgh elicited responses in Israel that echoed the reactions to anti-Semitic killings in Paris, Toulouse and Brussels: expressions of sympathy, reminders that hatred of Jews [...]

America under attack: Clintons, Obamas, Soros & CNN sent bombs

Home News America under attack: Clintons, Obamas, Soros & CNN sent bombs America is under attack, as multiple incendiary devices are sent simultaneously to the Clintons, the Obamas, George Soros, CNN and more. In this special edition of [...]

Trump on sexual assault claims: ‘It’s a very scary time for young men in America’

“My whole life, I’ve heard you’re innocent until proven guilty,” President Donald Trump said regarding his Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh. “But now you’re guilty until proven innocent. That is [...]

Kavanaugh & the future of democracy in America

This week, the FBI is doing a further background check on Brett Kavanaugh, but serious questions remain as to how much the White House has tied the FBI’s hands. In today’s episode, we discuss where the Kavanaugh nomination stands, then [...]

West Side Story Says It All — ‘I Want to be in America’

The strength of the U.S. dollar is a serious underpinning, even though its price action has backed off recently after a year-to-date advance of around 10%. In the world of developed currencies, that increased valuation is huge. The chart below [...]

Texas man indicted in ‘Make America Great Again’ hat theft

SAN ANTONIO (AP) – A grand jury in Texas has indicted a 30-year-old man on a felony theft charge after he was accused of throwing a drink at a supporter of President Donald Trump before walking off with the teenager’s “Make America [...]

Corporate America hikes contributions to key Democrats

Corporate PACs are increasing their contributions to several Democrats who are in line to lead powerful committees if their party retakes the House in November, another sign of the burgeoning expectations for Democrats’ showing in the midterms. The [...]

From a Space Station in Argentina, China Expands Its Reach in Latin America

[unable to retrieve full-text content] Our correspondent went to the deserts of Patagonia to examine how China secured its new base, a symbol of its growing clout in the region. Source: NYT > World

The secret story of how America lost the drug war with the Taliban

As Afghanistan edged ever closer to becoming a narco-state five years ago, a team of veteran U.S. officials in Kabul presented the Obama administration with a detailed plan to use U.S. courts to prosecute the Taliban commanders and allied [...]

America IS Enlightenment Now

Today is America’s birthday. It was 242 years ago that the world witnessed the official creation of a country based on Enlightenment values. I say that, because America is the byproduct of the supreme value of the Enlightenment — reason. The [...]