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Erick Erickson Ain’t Goin’ To The White House To Eat Some Fancy Unpronounceable ‘LAMB’
Not technically a lamb, but it’ll do. Wingnut “thinker” Erick Erickson is doing that thing where, though he doesn’t like Donald Trump, he’s trying to prove he is jes’ folks, a salt-of-the-earth walking heart attack who lives in [...]

It’s An April Ryan/Sarah Huckabee Sanders Death Match, And You Know That White Lady Ain’t Winning

Is it bad that I want to see a Sarah Huckabee Sanders / April D. Ryan Deathmatch every day? It’s only been a few days since the last round but I feel like the consistent disrespect that Sarah Huckabee Sanders and the entire PussyGrabber [...]
Phnom Penh Journal: Deported, and Sticking Out: ‘This Ain’t Home. America’s My Home.’
But Mr. Hin, 33, isn’t American. Born in a Thai refugee camp, he came to the United States as a baby. His parents, refugees fleeing genocide in Cambodia, never claimed citizenship for their son, even though he was entitled to it. Until [...]
‘I can shut my door and I ain’t worried about nothing’
HOUSTON — In early January, freezing temperatures hit Texas’ most populous city, killing at least two homeless people. It was the type of weather that, just a couple of years ago, would have [...]

Something’s brewing in Scotland (and it ain’t ale)

For Nicola Sturgeon, a second Scottish independence referendum is win-win "If Downing Street agrees to hold it, Yes start as favourites. If Theresa May blocks a vote, the nationalists' big argument is only strengthened." It's [...]

Ain’t it the truth?

; ) Originally posted by spikesgirl58 at Isn't this the truth? there’s no tags here for truth or business so i put it under money where’s all those jobs, btw? . Source: Political Cartoons

Dumbass Paul Ryan Ain’t Even Know How ‘Health Insurance’ Works, Is Dumbass

Don’t we always tell him he should just stand there and look pretty? Speaker Paul Ryan used his weekly press conference Thursday to do a PowerPoint presentation on why the shit sandwich of his RyanCare/TrumpCare plan really is delicious, [...]

Putin ain’t happy

Russia's take on Trump: Glee gives way to frustration Well, that took only a short while, didn't it? Just about a month or so into this administration, and the presumed Kremlin Candidate has turned out just as untrustworthy from [...]

She ain’t got no laygs.

Source: Political Cartoons

Jake Tapper Ain’t Havin’ NONE Of Kellyanne Conway’s Nonsense

Basically the whole interview. Uh oh, Kellyanne Conway is in a pickle again! She’s been, of course, recovering from the the wounds she sustained in the Bowling Green Massacre, and reportedly she is so mad about “Saturday Night Live” making [...]